Koenigsegg CCX at Moscow Unlim 500+ vs ZR1

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Corvette ZR1 Lingenfelter – 750hp


yamahaevo says:

Where is the replay .. best video on www

daltonauto says:

That's a whole 'nother car.

Xjiei1 says:

at least they dont call it CCXR anymore like they used to…..

shocker915 says:

Lol ford gt will tare that koen another ass-hole and let americans drive the american cars we know how to drive them in this video why he stops he can handle american muscle or what???

USSxSoldatJamesRyan says:

Ugliest Car ive evver Seen

bodydroppedon24s says:

Bugatti SS vs. Agera R vs. F1LM vs. Venom GT vs. SSC Aero and SSC Tuatara. I would pay big money to see the unlim get these cars together for a shootout somehow ha who is with me

luizfvv says:

why the corvette brake lights turned on ?

zloycc says:

@GeRoKeStEr она на учете в Эстонии, поскольку здесь налоги не такие большие как в России.

GeRoKeStEr says:

@FailMail89 я то знаю, я просто удивился что в Эстонии ездиют такие машины 😀

FailMail89 says:


Costescu Robert says:

what do you know about this song, stupid ass

GeRoKeStEr says:

0:17 EST ?!?!?!

cafta says:

@JsDs1020 owww and i almost forgot …next time if you wanna talk something with a particular someone send him a pm please couse youtube is public !

cafta says:

@JsDs1020 and a better and a more simple marketing strategy ! i`m not saying the Zr1 is a bad car but the one in the video is tuned that is why it keeps up…

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