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eGarage’s Matte White Koenigsegg CCX steps up to the plate for an audio & dyno session. Watch the Koenigsegg twin centrifugal supercharged v8 engine burst flames from the exhaust during the session.

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Koenigsegg CCX FLAMES


ttvphantomwolf ttv or wolf for short says:

What the music playing

Morph. YT says:

Geez look at that flames 🔥

Tanmay Verma says:

Koenigsegg makes the racing cars I am a big fan of there cars
I love it

PrinceNaim says:

0:42 Sees exhaust spitting a bunch of flames for the longest amount of time ever Holy crap…

slozza solomon says:

ja like why else would I search this if not to see what the dyno reading was.

Ronard The Rifle says:

I still can't believe the ccx uses a mustang engine

Tbone Time says:

I need some burgers and sausages

Daniels30 says:

Koenigsegg's melt steel beams.

James Leonard says:

Sounds like a jet

Dey Sanchez says:

Alguien sabe como se llama la cancion de fondo

Ruan Page says:

Lose the music

Christian Wilson says:

…..aaaaand where are the dyno sheets??
The song is "Darkness Be Rising" by Relix the Underdog for those that wondered.
(Some thumbs would make it easier for others, guys!)

Certified Banger says:

Reporting this video for animal abuse. Please, let the poor car go. D:

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