Koenigsegg CCX Full Throttle Accelerations and Revs!

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HD Video By NM2255: White Koenigsegg CCX on the road!! This fabulous car has a V8 supercharged engine and produces 806bhp @ 6900rpm!! Over 360kmh is the top speed. Listen to its awesome engine sound!!

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wilfrido urango says:

en donde queda eso que ciudad es esa Londres?

stvna8040 says:

only in monaco

User says:

koenigsegg one:1 =1340hp with a v8 with twin turbos
 buggati Grand Sport Vitesse = 1184hp with a w16 engine with quad turbos

civoreb says:

If I had this car, I would be set for life. Fuck everything else lol

Harris Rehman says:

Not as fast as the agerra r

喜納海斗 says:


Greg Kelly says:

This car is extreme I love it

euroaaRON1 says:

CCX has a traditional manual gearbox.
Agera has an automated manual with 2 clutches. look it up, its actually a very unique transaxle. one dry clutch and one wet clutch that controls the speed of the input shaft. it has traditional syncros gears like an every day car but the 2nd clutch (or brake) makes for instant gear changes like a straight-cut gear dogbox gearbox without the harsh hard shifts and whine when cruising at slow every day speeds.

Victor says:

what i have noticed with the koenigsegg is that it seems like its gears shift very slowly compared to other supercars…

flaminibro says:

1:22 dat fiat 500 tho

Robert Hale says:

Sounds like a mustang because koenigsegg basically took the concept of fords modular engine and made it their own.

Mike Dawson says:

Damn that sounds clean and looks good to lol

DreamandWish1 says:

I agree…..what a waste to just drive in traffic and not be able to REALLY enjoy the performance.

Sully Angel says:

Damn, nice car.

JayfromIT says:

All that horse power to be stuck in traffic!

Akkretion says:

really no sound but a wonderfull look,thats all i can say to this car.

Yusuf Emre ONUR says:

this is very nice

Diederik Tolmans says:

1:23 there is no much difference between a Fiat 500 and a Koenigsegg!

Sebas987 says:

1:23 the description should contain: Fiat 500 L of 1974 chasing 2013 Koenisegg Agera R!

Oppholdsnes says:

This is the most beautiful Koenigsegg model in my opinion!

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