Koenigsegg CCX Incredible SOUND!

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I have filmed a white Koenigsegg CCX doing some incredible noise in the streets of Monaco during the Top Marques! Video shows this awesome swedish supercar accelerating multiple times in tunnels, loud revving and driving around town, be sure to turn up the speakers because the sound you will hear is awesome!

Marchettino Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Marchettino/233730055034

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fortnite 76 says:

You showed your license bro

mr world says:

😍😍 my dream car

Darkkitt PT says:

it sounds like a mustang

PC Master Race says:

The front end of these cars are just simply beautiful.

Latias380 says:

I need that one and the agera in my backyard

Ashley Mayfair says:

This is the god of cars

Tomek Horowski says:

killer, GT Polonia

VemundDH says:

There are so many Norwegian Koenigsegg's on youtube! :O to bad i never see them around :/

Dendy Nugroho says:

1:35 dat assss 😉

toyotacelicat23 says:

Sick video man, I always was looking for a video about the sound of a CCX or another Koenigsegg. Great.

civoreb says:

My dream car.

jerkin.megherkin says:

wonder how much gas he went threw by just driving by like 5 times

zimreh says:

holy shit that sound is crazy

Sir Shadow says:

the best engine sound i ever heard! THI CAR IS BEST IN THE WORLD!

Gergő Kovács says:

4.7 liter V8 🙂 806 hp

John S. says:

sounds like someone put mustard up the engine. eww

Andreas Gantriis says:

I love the Koenigsegg CCX! 🙂 it was just for fun! 😉

BuckandChuck24 says:

How many cylinders?

WarWizard Productions says:

i wanna car like that

Mr. Midnight says:

koenigsegg sound like a mustang but it's the best sound in the world

CoupleAngryPigs says:

When it first starts to turn over it sounds like a damn diesel truck haha

Kyle Conquilla says:

No, the car is an original design from sweden. I don't know what you're getting at, this car will blow the Veilside FD3S RX7 out of the water anyway.

789costela says:

Koenigsegg CCR
KUNGEN av SVERGIE !!! xD xD ;;D ;D 😀

Ironrosi says:

The new abarth? With essesse kit?

sdkfz3000 says:

is it me or this car has many parts from the veilside rx7?

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