Koenigsegg CCXR Edition – Detailed by Paul Dalton from Miracle Detail.

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Koenigsegg CCXR Edition – Detailed by Paul Dalton from Miracle Detail – http://www.miracledetail.co.uk/


Tosta Details says:

"Old" video but a high quality job.
Paul, I sent you an email under the name of Alexis Tosta. If possible, can you reply back. If not, it is ok.
My kind regards

Wingo says:

first song: Caf Colombie – Driver's Nirvana
second song: Beatmaskin & Jocco – Destination Dubai
the other music from Soundtrack of Koenigsegg:
Ekwall – Concentration Chaos
H-Peh & The Profilerz – Caribbean Breeze
7eCiel – Full Moon Drive
Rhody – What I Want

ww2717 says:

Mr. Dalton:
This car just shows why you are currently ranked the number 1 detailer in the world. Have been awarded best detailer in the world trophy  consecutively for the last 10 years.

DJShotty says:

And the first words out of Dalton's mouth when he was finished? Bet they were something similar to, "Keep ya dirty fucken hands off it!!!"

michael adams says:

Sorry but that's really ugly

Miracle Detail by Paul Dalton says:

Check out this old video on YouTube:

Miracle Detail by Paul Dalton says:

It's the Koenigsegg drivers
Cd which isn't available now

Atanas Sqnkov says:

What is up with the retarded music?

Miracle Detail by Paul Dalton says:

Stunning koenigsegg, quiet a old video of mine, so apologies if you've already seen it.

Koenigseggs drivers CD as music in the background which is no longer available unfortunately. 

stephen preston says:

To those who dont no it is not naked carbon fiber these cars are made in carbon fiber which has a gel coat wich is then sanded back to the carbon then pin holes are filed with a black plastic like filler then it is lacquered coat by coat filling all defects then it is sanded again with 2000 grit and machine polished so it is still paint correction as it correction of the laquerd protection makong it flat and shiny to get the depth back so you can see the weave properly

MegaFreedomfighter13 says:

there is also 1 in NeedForSpeed HotPursuit(2007)

hill99907 says:

considering the 2 cars in the movie where a CCx and a CCXR states , they dont know what the fuck they r talking about

Open Eye says:

You see how low that car sits? It wouldn't last a mile on Michigan roads! Ohhh yeah it's 1.3 million somebody would probably steel it before the guy could even drive it a mile.

Ben Cen says:

only two of these existed!

NerZul007 says:

Yes it is true there are only 4 in the world the 1.5 mil pound is the price you have to pay to start the production of a new one and an additional 1 million to get it

roshan517 says:

you do realize the guy you are responding to isn't the uploader right?

Marlon Tejada says:

can you do a review on all american car care products. or tell us what you think of them.

Captain Cocoa Puffs says:

Nope, there's six.

Johno says:

Where can I get the music cd from? I can't find it anywhere. 🙁

Dalton Davis says:

Id counsel you on business etiquette and how to accept a compliment when someone praises your work, but i'm a business man and would ave to charge you for my skills. Brother keep your head up and believe in yourself. It's not how many cars you detail or what kind either. It's the friends you make along the way as you share the experiences. God bless you my brother and if you ever want to stop my way. I'm in Knoxville, Tn

Dalton Davis says:

Ha Ha. And a sense of humor as well I see…

Dalton Davis says:

Very nice my work my friend. Keep up the good work and the dreams alive and shining!

Dmoneysfl says:

Absolutely….. Beautiful

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