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Every seen a Koenigsegg Regera do a burnout? Me either lol!

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Blake_swopegames says:

Koenigsegg one of 1

Deion Edwards says:

blue and yellow

Rashaun Cole says:

All of them

Kevin LA says:

GTS on none GTS is worse than Just an M on none M. M could just be for "representing". But GTS is street legal racing modification YOU JUST DON'T HAVE if you slam the badge trying to scare off the regular Ms or regular models on the freeway

Fedena Motorsports says:

white with blue and black

Mark Sloan says:

ONE to 1 no other comes close

TechCity Animations says:

Agera rs 2017

Oğuz Çağlayan says:

I love the regera

brian diaz says:

Where is this located I’ve been trying to figure out for months now

MxpGamer says:

4:30 when you start up your iMac afrter it’s shutdown

Greyson Craig says:

3:59, isn't TheStradman wraping that car right now!?

vk vlogs says:

2 secs of a small burnout and a 22 min video….well great……:D

HellsCrowned says:

that burnout was so insane wowowowowowow so insane

tess tuckwell says:

Koenigsegg rs1

POTATO Gaze says:

The blue and wite one

MR. Koe says:

love the koenigsegg agera rs1

Deniz Kilic says:

The regera i so beutiful


My favorite Koenigsegg is the red Regera.

Jackson Knapp says:

What car show is this

Boca Motor says:

Im thinking of super-charging my hurucan like you. How reliable is the car once the modification is installed?

Jackson Brown says:

KOENIGSEGG regera, man she purdy!

strawberry candy says:

The regera is beautiful

bacon Grease says:

Vapid FMJ, Truffade Nero, Pfister Comet, Pfister 811, Vapid Bullet,

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