Koenigsegg Regera – Full Throttle Acceleration SOUNDS!

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This time I have filmed a full naked carbon fiber Koenigsegg Regera on the drag strip! You will hear the crazy acceleration sound (and yes with no gearbox sound!) And you see it drag racing against a Koenigsegg Agera X! I hope you enjoy the video!

I have filmed this during the 2019 Supercar Owners Circle in Andermatt (Switzerland).

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Chris /#cvdzijden


cvdzijden - Supercar Videos says:

Sounds so weird with no gearbox 😅

seba v says:

Horrible sonido , para mi no hay como las ferraris ,me encanta ese sonido a moto gp

Todd Hart says:

It's got that old Batmobile feel from the back don't it

Hypercube1729 says:

Pff. the new Porsche Taycan Turbo S can do 0-100 kmph in 2,6 seconds. And it doesn't even use any expensive and polluting fuel.

xyz x says:

hot girl on the passenger seat? no, she s not hit…. she s just a gol digger b***h

Hrc Honda team cb 1000 says:

horrivel ..parece uma barata de madeira kkk ..bugaty neles

Merica Freedomland says:

You know you have a bad ass car when it makes the Agera RS look how other cars are compared to the Agera Rs lol

Juan Sánchez says:

Facturenme uno por favor!!ya quiero cambiar mi ranfla……jiji

Yanni Slav says:

Sounds like fishing boat!

Apoloniusz Faza says:

Jak agregat tylko szybszy

Mehmet Polat says:

Jetle yarışır lan bu

The Birds My Word says:

It sounds like a boat 🛥️ 😂

Pahlawan Bertopeng says:

Suarane mirip knalpot angkot kr.ayu – mangkang sing kendangane pecah

mike_ buky says:

Y en algun momento veremos un auto en tu video de autos? 🤔

Brandon Pike says:

Sounds like garbage.

mike e says:

for once an opportunity to drag an Agera with a Regera and the Agera driver fucks it up….clowns

kpcart says:

I was waiting for it skip to second gear like in a 2 speed powerhouse gearbox so often used in drag cars.

Dan f16 dcc says:

Koenigsegg keeps out doing himself. Just gorgeous

justin wojciechowski says:

This is Awesome But not as cool as owning your very own PLUMBUS!!!!

Henrique Araujo says:

A placa do LUci…r 666 slk

BigTymin says:

they are just ugly though…🤮

Vince Gray says:

See the girl?
Like Eddie Murphy said, your job is to “fuck your husband!”
Anyway he wants it, and anytime he wants it.

You think you can do better?
Then leave him…I dare you!!!

Rumrunr Jones says:

Big deal. Either those guys dont know how to drive or the car just isnt worth a Million plus

Matthias de roo says:

I thougt racing was illegal in Zwitserland.

Liam Black says:

Bugatti EB110 0.19

Fake Ze says:

So Beautiful .

5abivt says:

Sounds like I missed my ups guy…

WavyGangMar says:

Is it like being in a electric car with one gear?

Fotosynthesis858 says:

Never have I ever: Seen an ad on YouTube & instantly thought, “I need to rush out there & buy that product ASAP” smh. This two ad shit is focken lame AF smgdh. 👎🏾👎🏾

Dr WGA Labriskagni says:

I don't know about you, but it seems like Hypercar owners drive like pussies to me.

Who the fuck waits for 47 second to go down a runway…

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