Koenigsegg Regera Review – In Depth & Flat Out!

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This is the Koenigsegg Regera, a 1500hp 1500lb ft hypercar with just one gear called Koenigsegg Direct Drive. The Regera is a full carbon bodied supercar, with 3 electric motors and a turbo charged 5.0l V8 engine enabling a 0-60 of 2.8 seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 255mph. The Koenigsegg Regera set the world record for the fastest time from zero to 400kmph and back to zero again in just over 31 seconds! Today we’re taking an in-depth look at this incredible car before taking it on our new track for the very first time!

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Jonathan Chia says:

"absolutely license-losing fast"

Jonas Whitsel says:

Am I going he only one who thinks the silver wheels on the Regera look amazing

Linus Holmkvist says:

16666th like!

Kop Cole says:

It’s fantastic to see small super car makers like Koenigsegg absolutely smash the f*ck outta the likes of Ferrari & Lambo & Porsche. These cars are stunning, luxurious and fast as hell. The big 3 no longer have monopoly on speed

Arnold Clarke says:

Looks so slow

Feledwards says:

Looks like anyone over 6 ft and 220 Lbs should stay away. You gotta be built like Tom Cruise to fit in that cabin. Beautiful car.

Nikola Obradovic says:

What a intro lad!

Solaire Of Astora says:

If I had the money I'd have a Koenigsegg 100%

Matti M says:

That "track" looks absolutly awful.

yotaplaysgames says:

good thing you choose the shortest straight track in the world ^^

Nigel Fox says:

Thats such a cool Jacket, where did you get it?

Gordon Ho says:

Aww, the Ferrari had to sit outside. Regera, next level stuff indeed. Move aside ya'll Koenigsegg is here to rule.

Andrew Chan says:

What a brilliant idea. Using only a single ratio (equivalent to 7th gear) and an oversized torque converter to save weight and using that saved weight for a bigger displacement engine and 3 electric motors (and batteries). Torque converter makes up for the lost torque of not having shorter gear ratios. The downside to this is poor efficiency when accelerating hard from low speeds. Once the torque converter locks up, either when accelerating lightly (when not much torque is needed) or when cruising at high speeds, efficiency is restored. Power and torque when you need it, efficiency when you need it.

Muhammad Rizky Alfatih says:

12:38 even the mirror folded when you opened the door 😟

Ming says:

Extreme Engineering.

Eric Norgren says:

😵I get the impression you're only getting half the speed and power on such a short straightway, drive it into Area 51 and use theirs, the camo dudes will probably let you through. 2nd thought better have them wet the dusty road down first.

Amessad says:


Lefty says:

21:43 looks like hes experiencing G-force

Doctor Mashigo says:

Should have an ejector seat

James Waye says:

Does anyone know the range?

Jorn Navarre says:

That's a seriously dangerous track ! The surface is so bumpy and jointed I'm worried for the car in the wet ! At least it looks like it has good run offs, please be careful….

Jorn Navarre says:

Koenigsegg are advancing so quickly that I have serious concerns for other Hypercar companies. This and the Gemera are absolutely incredible machines !!

Andrew Brent says:

Christian owns a Tesla. Probably a source of inspiration for the Regera.

Armfloaty gang says:

at 3:00 the whole thing about a continuous drive system is that is changes ratio depending on the engine speed. So the starting ratio is actually quite low.

Eric p says:

Regera and then they made jesko, but haven’t done top speed runs or drag race a Chiron

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