Koenigsegg Regera Under The Skin — /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG

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Six new episodes coming for Fall, 2016! Christian Von Koenigsegg highlights the technologies behind the company’s new, 1,500-horsepower Regera hybrid hypercar.

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Xuanyu Li says:

While I deeply appreciating the insights and technologies Mr. Koenigsegg showed me, I couldn't help myself thinking that are we facing a global economic recession that not only can be found in more difficult living hood of the lower class but also the struggling of carrying out more sales in the ultra-luxury industries retailers, am I just thinking too much

Joey Turner says:

Wish u could contact me. Regarding a engine where the cylinders are operated by a technology that is applied to propel objects or thrush them very quickly and smoothly also being used by bullet trains. Without giving away the idea which would increase the speed of the cylinder to reach top dead center. While being fully adjustable/speed / and depth for the cyinlder or each individual cylinder from an on board CPU/ dash programer etc… as well as a wireless system that could be managed from the pits meaning you don't have to pit as much to try and save on fuel and increase horsepower all from a CPU in the pits/ or command post off site that taps into the network onsite then which is also connected to the vehicle. Just wish there was a way that you can contact me so that I could tell you my idea you make a very very beautiful piece of History keep up the good job have a blessed day.


Also this idea would totally remove the crankshaft and a whole lot of the bottom end of the engine.

Super smart I sent this to exotic car desigerns like Koenigsegg who love to hear ideas from average people that's how he started that is a billion dollar idea to change the entire concept of engines were it would combine electric and combustion engine totally different from any hybrid type system this would be a badass race exotic car hypercar engine

Caco twofive says:

All i can afford is a Koenigsegg Tshirt 🙂

rujagorn sarapun says:

Really love your car. Hopefully, someday you'll make a car I can afford.

frank zamora says:

it is truly hilarious this car.

frank zamora says:

one hiccup within the processor and goodbye!

frank zamora says:

so it would be the most expensive car to repair. robotized? it is terrifying!

Kawsar A says:

Hello mr koinigsegg!

Osvaldo Ah says:

Polished head

leo b says:

What happened to his eyebrows?

Tedward765 says:

"electrical motor exhaust" words i thought i would never hear

Haroun Ben says:

What is the name of the software? 0:30

Haroun Ben says:

I've always had respect for Sweden when it comes to the automobile industry. Now, I guess that I will carry that respect to my tomb. One day I will at least have an internship at Koenigsegg.

Jacobski says:

The man is as aerodynamic as the cars, thumbs up!

Danny Tan says:

CVK is in a totally different league. 👍

Ss G says:

Now trending on masterclass : Christian von koenigsegg teaches hypercar secrets

Marko Zivak says:

I have found Michael van Gerwen's real father

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