Lamborghini Aventador Snow Plow meets Utah Snow Typhoon

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Dan Pigulko says:

Is that your house or are you renting from someone

The Domino Effect says:

The aventador looks like a bugatti In the thumbnail

Dave Forton says:

The Aventador decided to become a Mustang

Daniel Vasquez says:

3:40 baled stradman

Minecraft Expert says:

6:33 faith dies
James "no no"😭😭

Car "hey it wasn't my fault"

Abu dhabi Dream adventure says:

After watching Thestradman for 2 years Canada’s worst drivers came up in my reccomended

KingP 7 says:

1:40 he looks bald

Webstar22 says:

Now that was a real cold intake!

Annalee G says:

Dude put the hat back on

elenita capuras says:

James: "I Cant Afford the transmission on this car." Proceeds to Order C8 Corvette

Aw8p says:

You should put a off-road kit on there and then your good for anything

Jeremi Santo says:

The paint!!

Andrey Sedov says:

dude – hand

Ali Salih says:

1:50 he looks bald

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