Lamborghini Veneno Roadster – €3.3m Hypercar On The Road

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A follower has kindly provided us his footage of a pretty insane Lamborghini Veneno Roadster hitting the streets of Milan. The Veneno was brought to a local dealership for a party organized by Lamborghini.. not a bad guest star, uh?!




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chấn hưng lý says:

Lamborghini veneno roadster very beautiful and I very like

Only One says:

schaut scheise aus und ist kein 3.3 m wert

Only One says:

the looks so shit this car

Fer DLC says:

I'd rather buy me a 2 million dollar house and an Aventador than waste 3 mill on this, maybe if it was cheaper I'd get it

X Tripy X says:

Wat if someone stole this car from you Your life ends.

robbypassion says:

Mi potresti dire dove e' possibili acquistare la centenario roadster? Si dice in alcuni punti vendita in germania

Newton Cordero says:

nenuco ft.Lamborghini Veneno Roadster – €3.3m Hypercar On The Road
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Publicado el 12 dic. 2014

andy elliott says:

The problem is you can't actually go anywhere in it because it can't go over any ground that's not completely smooth. It's a track car only.

My Skin Is Black says:

Maybe it's just me, but that thing is fucking ugly.

The Miniature Scenes says:

overkill. looks like a transformer.

se7ensnakes says:

damn this car is fugly

Bayou Mick says:

se ve vacan, pero lo que es más exigente es la calidad del automovil. quisiera saber de como se hace ?


ARE YOU TELLING ME that a 3 million dollar car – CANT NEGOCIATE a simple speed bump!!!

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