Living With A McLaren 570S

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The new McLaren 570S is a super-capable supercar with mad looks and a fantastic engine. But how good is it as a daily driver? We picked up chocolate milk to find out.
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theblack bird says:

You should try Cocio from Denmark, thats godlike chocolate milk

Oceano says:

the thumbnail reminded me of pashabiceps lol

mike jennings says:

Caravans only….. get a hotel gimps

Mohammad Abdur rahman says:

if i had a car like that i wouldn't even want to leave it out of my sight it might get damaged by jealous people and also stolen. so i wouldn't buy it but buy a cheap car LOL. but if i was mega rich mehh i can buy a new one.

John-Daniel Martin says:

Alex: Candy up, literally the best thing to come out of France.
Bugatti: am i a joke to you

Rubium says:

For sale: mclaren 570s low mileage, no rust, seats and interior worn out, real bargain, pick it up today for £1000

Caribbean GTR says:

Entertaining Video. Why do the people who mark out parking spaces have no consideration for car safety? The spaces are so slim that the people opening a door is bound to ding your doors. The first time a court case if brought against a Premises Owner, the BS will stop. I got my first turbocharged car with 310 HP in 1985, long before a Cossie, Evo, or WRX were invented, and I won't drive anything else. Its took OEM long enough to realise that its the greatest thing in the motoring engine World.

Benjamin Malito says:

In what situation would you need to fit two children in the trunk of a McLaren 570s

Jubair Ahmed says:

Anyone else here after the s6 video ?

A Zee says:

Whos watching this after the r6 audi video Luca

kacperkrakowski RBLX says:

Alex is the only person I know that would drive all the way to bloody France to get some chocolate milk

OrdinaryGuy101 says:

I've come here from the latest video of S6 with Luca

Eddy widda says:

2019 Audi S 6 with fake pipes brought me here…time flies, that little snort nose is 4 now!

AArdy AArdvark says:

this car park is for caravans only, we had to drive around twice! Correct response "this cost more than your house my love"

I am luca Jacobs says:

My name's Luca too lol

ryathoma says:

Lady says, “Do you realize this space is for caravans only?”
I respond, “Do you realize this is a McLaren 570S, BEYOTCH???!!!”

Petk_ Dim says:

Man the baby looks just like you, maybe you should check it.

Razz says:

3:29 What u gonna do with that information

stratocasterman 8135 says:


D Tekk Pro says:

I’m 13 and 5’11 that ain’t fitting me

randomized_person says:

Can you say turbo?

John Romaine says:

15:25 hahahahahahaa!!

Red Dragon Box says:

7:28 McLaren bitch

Rad Brad says:

“ i realized” i died 😂😂😂

DevinHKZ says:

9:08 thats what she said

Tim Rowe says:

Dude….how many things to do in a cabin whilst driving that you really shouldn't lol…can't believe your producer allowed them in 🙂 Including strapping in a baby hahaha

Jimney fumo says:

what a knob… parking in a caravan parking…. typical posh car driver attitude….. Oi wake up knob head come back to earth and think about all the other drivers that exist in this world and stop being so arrogant

Jack Alonzo says:

All now a day mclarens are V8’s… They just aren’t the American muscle V8’s.

Cesar says:

“Lots of luggage space”
can barely fit 2 back packs

SharkRule64 says:

2019 anyone?

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