Lykan Fenyr Supersport – £1.5 Million Hypercar – First Look

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Here it is! The Fenyr Supersport. I first encountered W Motors and the Lykan Hypersport 12 months ago on my supercar drive to Jebel Jais. 1 Year later, i’m amazed how far W Motors have evolved in such a short time to create the incredible Fenyr Supersport! An 800hp 980nm torque full carbon bodied Hypercar designed in Dubai!

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Gingerscantbepirates says:

It would be so much better if you showed more of the cars instead of just talking about/driving them man. Just my two cents. Still love the channel, I would just like to see more of the cars…

Daniel Agha says:

Guys, please stop with the comments about "720s is better" and "overpriced"
this car is made to be EXCLUSIVE and to stand out! People who will buy this car will already have the 720s or other supercars and hypercars. This Fenyr could just be part of their collection.

Theo Christian says:

ok .. deal . terimakasih

Taufik Mustak says:

He is the owner of the company

SooperFlye says:

The thing about these hypercars is no rear window. That bothers me!

Cummins Militia says:

Rather drive my 5.9 Cummins more reliable. I don't see 3.4 million dollars.

SK R6 says:

$1.85 millon👀

Naik van der Wielen says:

Hi J can I take over that watch that you didn't like anymore, give me an offer please. it is that watch that you can fit colour by the day or whatever , I am not a richbitsj

Joshgaliun says:

Would have been highly improved with a v12 or at least a v8 in my opinion. Looks a bit like ferrari and lanborghini mixed together part 488 part aventador

iLopez says:

I´ve noticed some 911 touches, like the door wrap, the bucket seats and the gear selector

08680868 says:

Say whatever u want about the brand, but I'm really liking this new car, they seem to have gotten everything right this time

Lochlan Hughes says:

Super hi tech modern futuristic expensive sports car HAS A HDD NOT AN SSD!

Omar Moallim says:

At least its cheaper than the lykan 😅

Eric Jenkins says:

That is a beautiful machine. Yo Need one.

Vimal Kant Tiwari says:

I have seen this guy

Mr. Valentin says:

Hey check out my channel I'm uploading new videos!

Ayushman Kar says:

Fenyr Supersports. Wow! 😱😱😱😱😨😨😨

Neezar ali naveed says:


Billy Ray says:

The only place to drive this car would be Dubai, Monaco, Beverly hills

Bape plug says:

Why you and the ceo of w motors look like the makers in tron the movie 😂😂

S H I V A M K A T Y A L says:

Still has only space for a single lean person to sit in and takes u only from one place to another
Wastage of money

mark manalo says:

one of the best looking car.

ali ahmed says:

Super ugly design car. Over priced vehicle.

Andy Munoz says:

And the car costs 1.85Million not 1.5Mill

Ryan ID says:

Beautiful supercar

Andy Munoz says:

Is it possible you can own one if u have the money for it or is it limited like the hypersport if so how can you own one

William Darma Amidjojo says:

What the song hehe

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