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Wrap God says:

999999999999999999999999.999% chance James won’t see this comment

RavenDeluxe says:

Is Time-Travel Legal?

Matt Racolta says:

Lol koenigseeg jesko now hit 300 mph lol

Aleksi Himanka says:

Camo wrap please


U litter ally need all the Cars in this UNIVERSE

Sunitha Aravinda says:

Stop lying bro come on

Sunitha Aravinda says:

That's venom gt

Michael says:

we want more content. you are great but at least I video a day. move about your new house also I love it and the cost I'M looking to do something similar

Maxl 6648 says:

Honestly he shoulda got a velociraptor over the gladiator

Just Riding says:

The craziest thing about this video.. stock seatbelts!! lol NEED some harnesses in this beast! seriously.. also hate to be that guy about it, but if I travelled 1500 miles out of my way and the dude was like "there are 5 settings right now it's only in 1 or maybe 2" I would be like "wtf do you think I came all this way for.. crank that bad boy up to 5 ffs!" pfffttt.. 😁

Joshua Riley says:

Totally scary.

Micheal Ukrainetz says:

Like the vids but like a squirrel on meth with the camera… so hard to watch.

Jaquan Johnson says:

Twin turbo c8 corvette 🤔

Mnt Man says:

What fuckin accent is that. Get a real job fuckin millenial

Kashi Payne says:

have fun stradman your in texas im florida you what that means hurricane coming my way 🙂

Shiny Eevee says:

Take your gladiator to Hennessy and make them turn it into a 6×6

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