McLaren F1 vs. P1 vs. Senna: Ultimate Series review | Autocar Heroes

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In 1994, Autocar road tested the McLaren F1, taking it to 211mph at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground. 25 years later, we’ve returned in the exact same car, chassis XP5, to see how far the Ultimate Series lineage has come with the McLaren P1 and Senna. Subscribe now:

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Pixel Dust says:

I don't think there are any completely English-content-only high performance sports cars made any more.

Too bad the English just don't have the industry to build high-performance motors anymore. Mainly, I guess, they are really chassis builders only.

Zac Paul says:

Awesome video. It's amazing to see how lively people are when driving the F1 compared to other supercars…their entire demeanor tells it all and shows just how amazing the F1 experience is, even when compared to those of more modern supercars.

Rodrigo Amaral says:

Senna os the best

Dylan says:

Why does the thumbnail looks like it’s from a video game

Samantha Smith says:

He hit the cone!!!

ShionShinigami says:

I don't know from where the claim comes that the McLaren Senna is the lightest McLaren ever…

Ricochetrabitt says:

Nice video. Plus it's in 4k…PERFECT. I need Chris Harris to give this review. Chris, and only Chris.

Daniel Gonzalez says:

23:27 – YESSSSSSS!

jonathan kerbs says:

The legend!!! Always a pleasure to see a F1 in action!

Zaeem Aziz says:

one of the greatest videos in Youtube. Awesome!


The best of best on this video

Jonny Smith says:

F1 a proper car that is 👏🏼👏🏼

H K S says:

The BMW F1 engine sounds similar to a S54.

freeedom22 says:

There really is something to be said about a 25yo car that still rivals to many extents the best of the best sold today, yet manages to be a lot more beautiful. Seriously.

freeedom22 says:

I take the F1 any day thank you very much.

Aaron Brockington says:

@21:10…RIP little cone XDXDXD

Aaron Brockington says:

@20:46…what is the increasing metallic whining – almost grinding sound as the engine accelerates?

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