Mercedes-AMG Project ONE will become Mercedes-AMG ONE

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When one vision becomes one reality the outcome needs one name.



Sulaiman Mutawalli says:

Hamilton at end

Nicks 92 videos says:

I like this part @ 0:21

Jafo says:

Mercedes best.

Luxury arranged Lifestyle says:

Oh My God Really Top of the Top and We respect you so much because you are the best in the world but we need and wish Really best big Muscles Aggressive on the sides of body and on the bonnet and best long life quality for all content of all cars next generation soon please

Joy L says:

To the AMG Team,what other ways can you enter into the junior f1 team besides go-carting

Tekken Blah says:

When the formula turned into the amg one it reminded me of need for speed undergound 1 intro

CARTMINZ Tezeract clans says:


Sembalap Speed rr3 says:

Any info about its fuel consumption?

Maarten van der Slik says:

Valkyrie is still faster. 🙂

Vrystaat Man93 says:

It is and will be the greatest supercar ever made!!

yscar reviews says:

They know how to get people hyped

Nicholas Smith says:

Just rename the whole company AMG already; we all know it's going to happen eventually. Everyone wants an AMG and no one wants a lowly Mercedes-Benz.

ulosof uilop says:

LOVE THIS CAR. best car or nothing !! hype mega hype.

SlendermanXXI says:

It's so fucking cool hearing a F1 engine in a road car

s Géb says:

How does it feel that the strongest Mercedes engine ever created is a 1600 ccm fart with almost 1000 HP that costs 2000 times more than it's twin sister, the 1.6 Blue Motion CRTDI. 😀

Mystic Car Meets says:

Me: "Hey did you hear about the AMG one?"
Friend: "Which AMG?"
Me: "The AMG one"
Friend: "WHICH ONE?"
FRIEND: "I give up"

Kill all Chinese apes says:

ONE sounds too messianic. Will the car be crucified and then return as our savior at the end of the combustion engine era to save us all from the gloom and doom of pure electric cars? I honesty preferred Project One.

BLDalton85 Gaming says:

I want one.

Itachi Uchiha says:

What will be the price tag for this ?? $150k- $400k ?

Matpaih FMK says:

Did I hear a laser bullet firing out from a clone trooper's rifle?

Diaan Carstens says:

After I study at university , where do I apply for job as a mechanical engineer that develops these kind of cars ?

Biggie Biggie Biggie says:

We need a modern clk gtr 1

Biggie Biggie Biggie says:

This better be the fastest car ever.

AWon LittY says:

stop this teaser stuff..wheres the track action

MNA GP says:

Next : Mercedes CLK GTR 2019

Infantery Stuii says:

cant wait to do paintshops in games for this beast 😳

Estevao Ferraz says:

Uma pena que aqui no Brasil AMG one vai ser lenda ter… 😞

حسين الموسوي says:

Please AMG we wait more videos for this car

Dr. Abd says:

I want this thing so badly

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