Mercedes-Benz Project CARS 2: Ice Training with Nic Hamilton

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Mercedes-Benz Driving Events can now be experienced in a video game for the first time. The new Project CARS 2 racing game enables players to demonstrate their skills on the official Driving Events winter training course in Sorsele in northern Sweden on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Watch the fusion of game and reality in this exclusive “Built by drivers” featuring racing driver Nic Hamilton.

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vitormmmonteiro says:

Mercedes-Benz have the best cars

Richard Head says:

Anybody happen to know the name of the song? Starts playing more clearly at 1:40. Thx.

86 says:

At least this game is pretty realistic, unlike a certain wrc game.

The Truth says:

AM….G Nic! Don't let disability get in the way of your dreams!

Montasir MBz says:

AMG 😍😍😍

beyblade tunisie says:

fantastic super

Eddy Yang says:

I can't tell which is real and which is in-game

TG GEMER says:

Sweeeeettttt best game ever with the best car brand and best Hamilton 😏

DiamonPlayz says:

Hey guys Mercedes fans ?

Spitzkopf Larry says:

The best Car Game

Elhadji Amadou Johnson says:

The Hamilton DNA!!!

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