Mini Coupe Concept, Noble M600, Citroen DS3, Maserati GranCabrio by Sky Motoring

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Mini Coupe Concept, Noble M600, Citroen DS3, Maserati GranCabrio by Sky Motoring presented by Inside Line

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Terrance Holzenberg says:

@mrcarpetmuncherman Yeah i had your sister your girl friend and your mother in the back lol.

Rylan Cushing says:

my point is get a life.

Londo Mollari says:

What the hell is your point, kid? Even professional will say he doesn't enjoy drivnig a very powerful RWD with a turbolag.

Londo Mollari says:

Still, there are better cars for track, I think.

Silveradoman61 says:

The mini is a chick car.

nitroboyn2o says:

ABS is for whimps hahahaha

sportfuryman says:

that new citroen is a looker

TwoWheelWarrior says:

Car news for those with ADD.

Angel lopez says:

nvmdvdzknxcmfv kslnfdb.v,xlkfvdcnm/kcndkvxcx,nvfkrn

thats what i heard

Ionut says:

if you look at topgear u will see that the alfa 166 is a very beatiful and good car as wel..

Pajapajin says:

i like the style of that mini coupe

LowKeyFunction says:

You Brits boggle my mind sometimes. This vid opens with harsh words for Mini exploring a coupe concept, then the very next part is you all over citroens balls for what?……. another mini-ish coupe design. You even add, Mini better watch its back.
Don't know who these presenters are, but i know who they are trying desperately to be, and so does everyone else. Sorry, this isn't Top Gear lads, So, put aside your pre Madonna biases in the automotive field and just give me the facts.

tranceme24 says:

"ABS is for wimps" Props if the actually said that.

Eduardo Cortazar says:

cause audi is ownde by vw also…. but the veryon doesnt have an audi engine…..

lethalcake says:

If Bugatti is owned by Volkswagen, why would they put an audi engine in it?, surely thats not true.

crayzitalian3 says:

he said it was britains Veyron not that it was a veyron….and it isnt a maserati its a noble

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