Mosler Raptor GTR // SSC Ultimate Aero – Sound!

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➟ About the Video:
The Mosler Raptor GTR and SSC Ultimate Aero pairing up at Newtown Car Show in Connecticut.
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Intro by vfxbro

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Brickstun Ram says:

Omg is that a Lamborghini dia….Oh wait…..
Well at least there comes a Salem s7! …not


that mosler super GT sounds like a Camaro zl1.

Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties says:

I would never pay over 500k for turbo v8's

Francis Moree says:

Mosler is beautiful. Such a shame he can't sell his cars because people think it's ugly…

Cw Hink says:

both of those was mosler car, neither one was a scc

Omar Auto says:

Nice! I got a video of that ultimate aero as well! Check it out 🙂

DtRockstar1 says:

OH MY GOD….Two of my favorite modern supercars paired together. I MUST SEE THEM!!!

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