Mr AMG on the DBS Superleggera! The Ultimate Aston Martin!

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Aston’s New DBS Superleggera!! A car that would give Bond himself pause. And that’s with the V12 engine off!

I know how much you’ve all been craving to see the Brute in a Suit, as named by Aston Martin, and how lucky are we to get the perfect spec one too!

This is the Third new car in Boss Andy Palmer’s 2nd century plan for AML. It car started with the DB11 as it’s base, using the new bonded aluminium platform, but now features lightweight construction hence the Superleggera “Super Light” name, with extensive usage of carbon fibre on the outerpanels of the car, it all reduces the weight by 72kg over the DB11!

The names DBS and Superleggera are etched into Aston history, and James Bond lore too, something we explore.

You can see just how exaggerated and muscular the design is, yet still pure in it’s shape. Under the hood lies the big story, astons 5.2 ltr Bi turbo V12 with 715BHP and WAIT FOR IT, 900 NM of torque.

But the question is, can this DBS handle and feel that much more extreme than the DB11 V12? Is it really a different car, or just a fancy engine tune?

In this review we explore:

– New Gen of Aston’s
– Origin of the names DBS and Superleggera
– Bond’s DB5
– The Casino Royale DBS V12
– New DBS Superleggera review
– Materials and drive train
– Exterior Design
– Design vs DB11
– Future cars : DBS Superleggera Volante, DBX, DBS AMR
– Interior Design
– Sound check & Exhaust Revs
– Full performance driving impressions
– Conclusion

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As promised in the review, a link to the DB11 video:

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Driving disclaimer:

Please note all driving shots have been private studio roads! Please drive safely.


jallalabadreturns says:

Yo what colour is this?

David Calderara says:

haha your reaction at 12:52 nearly made me spill my beer

milton hines says:

Now, THAT is a pretty car!

André Lima says:

This car is classic and elegant but really agressive at the same time.

Robert Webster says:

What an amazing review just watched it for the 5 time cracking job perfectly executed

Agency Men says:

Your presentations and complete attention to details on each of your reviews are impressive,
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to excellence, best auto reviews by far,!
From USA

Andrew Ferguson says:

excellent review and wow


what exact color is that ?

SeansTech says:

Absolutely stunning

tisoy909 says:

Excellent graphics and illustrations in your video man. Subscribed!

Bagdadsky_Hornik says:

oh, another reskined mercedes, now with Ferrarri name! Its SOOO different, as different as you are not a shill

lok lee says:

Nice car, but I love your video too!

Rusk Ov says:

is it possible you just shut the fuck up for 30 seconds and let us hear the real song of the car ?

shaun bean says:

I own a DBS and what a Machine

Adrian Gałka says:

God… <3

James Postlethwaite says:

how can you complain that the interior is like that of a DB11, so stupid. All ferraris have had the same interior for the past 10 years. Edit: this was not targetted towards MR AMG hisanalysis of the interior seemed pretty spot on.

Seandale Jackson says:

I thought Mark Weber @20:15 was at Porsche. How do compare this to the 911 GT2 RS?! Great Work My Friend!!!

Carlo Gori says:

Always the same interiors.. Aston Martin doesn’t really know how to face a change.

chill says:

NEED TO COMMENT AGAIN : that v12 put a large smile on my face :)) i love it

chill says:

We need this is Forza !

Lawrence Coore says:

I'm in love lol

Shrikant Ramkrishan says:

Remove before race ,,Mr amg buddy can u gift me dis car right hand drive india Mumbai india 9323661053

ChristOpher DaNiel says:

great looking car but the note it makes for the looks? i fully feel upset . this is one of those cars that should elegantly rise to speeds with a firm vrooommmm! sound a clean sound not the sound of a camaro or ford .the elegant looks ,the interior but the sound …….

Maz Ahmad says:

Does Chewi still do the video?

Pyotr Tchaikovsky says:

The ultimate Aston Martin but got trashed by AMG GTR



GamersName says:

This gta 5 online update with redux mod looks dope

Robert Steidl says:

Pure James Bond car for 21st century.

Shayan Q says:

So it's set, no one does interiors like Mercedes.

Kangen Vo says:

Another successful gentleman car design for the ages. Well done Aston Martin .

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