My First 1000 Miles In The New Bentley Continental GT

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I have only had the new Bentley Continental GT for a few weeks but I have already managed to rack up over 1000 miles in Bentley’s latest GT, so I thought it appropriate to share with you my early experiences living with the new Bentley Continental GT before heading to the TRACK of all places to truly discover the dynamics of this majestic car.

The new Bentley Continental GT has a 6.0L twin turbo charged W12 developing 630hp and 900nm of torque – but while the engine and the styling are gorgeous and impressive, in this video we find out just how sophisticated the handling of the new Continental GT really is by taking it on the Goodwood racing circuit!


NEW Bentley Continental GTC Convertible First Drive Review:





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KEM-APSU says:

What sunglasses is he wearing? Would really like to know.

RayJ-HT says:

Why would she be scrunched up in the passenger rear seat when she can move the passenger front seat up as much as she likes because… should be empty! Are you saying the roof is too low? I know in the previous model that wasn't the case unless you were well over 6 foot. Edit: Oh I see the car seat positioning is the issue.

ShaquileBROneil says:

Would love a garage update!

Jeff McDermott says:

Amazing how the Mulliner spec changed colors on the road course

Simon Stepsys says:

Awesome Video bro! I just bought one! Traded in my Rolls Royce Wraith for one. And I LOVE it! Just back from Road Trip Round SCOTLAND (1,500 miles), AMAZING! Super luxury but also brings a massive grin when you want to push on and have some fun! Probably the best car I've ever owned! Always looking for an excuse to go for a drive!

Saint Etienne says:

Billy Monger would love the back of this car

Pete A says:

Save money, remove the rear seats Bentley…it all adds up…

Grom Germany says:

How about an good old road trip withe the 3 others

Eric Burbach says:

compares well to a Nissan Leaf, equally thrifty

CUsoonOK says:

Car looks fine; but the driving, oh dear dear me. Driving one handed whilst wearing welding goggles is a recipe for disaster. A professional driver should set an example by driving in a professional manner.

CarlosMa 7.62x says:

The panty dropper

SuperSocco says:

What kind of :sunglasses: are those? Me want

Pablo Escobar says:


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