My Friend Bought a new $2.5M Lamborghini Centenario AND three Pagani Zondas

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Original Video of Dan’s Hypercar Collection:

Strad Merchandise:


Patrick Mmifinyana says:

Nice car . Buy it stradman u look good in it or just buy the bugati veyron πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰πŸ˜…

Haley Wagner says:

You know your cars

Landon Holibaugh says:

Hey strad you need a blue lambo with red stripes

reTr0 r1ck says:

Make a video with the dodge challenger SRT hellcat

Cookie Monster says:

Don’t look directly at it… you’ll break it.

jp pameron says:

My car is panggani

I its so fast every

Mateen Butt says:

Me lamborghini huracan 900hp is very fast I want a buggati

The Texas Car Spotter says:

That is the coolest car EVER!

Noah Taylor says:

My grandparents used to have house in Newport and there next door neighbor had Ferrari idk what kind but my dad went to a meeting at valley plaza and saw a Ferrari Laferrari

Unique Wedding Cars says:

I went to North America but I am a kid and I went there

Purtty Crispy says:

I bought a 3$ bag of chips and 3 packs of gum

deeW ekomS Gaming says:

What’s the law Ferrari

Hasan Vai says:

man you are a lier .. i looked up in description and there is no link of those kid's channels

Craig Ellis says:

I've never seen a finer gathering of entitled spoiled little douche bags

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