My Lamborghini lights my Ferrari on fire!

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I lend my Lamborghini Aventador to a friend, and I followed him with my $600,000 Ferrari, when suddenly … FIRE! Talk about a hot pursuit! This is probably the well documented spontaneous combustion problem of the Aventador, corrected later by a recall to the dealer for all Aventadors.

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Rajko Marceta says:

As if you couldn't afford a little paint

Yaso or Youssria ! says:

Ohhhh 😮😮😮

Alessandro Petrolla says:

Più bella lamborghini


Don’t fuck with the Lamborghini Ferrari!!!

Adi_Ferrari says:

Scheiss lambos brennen alle weg

LegoGas says:

we can say your car…

is a fire

Dark Lord says:

So where is the next video you said?

PFC says:

Which car do your preferred the most:

– Like: Lamborghini
– Like: Ferrari

Liam 85 says:

C'étais à Nantes non?

GANGMEMBER Gamess says:

That Ferrari had luck that the engine isnt on the Front

TKU 18L1119 says:


G.S.Wツ says:

Was that a gtr behind you guys?

Nemesis Gaming says:

No hate but I kinda think this was planned because the lamborghini had pog on it or maybe they were just cruising around and it happend

Yumei says:

the first thing he says about the Lamborghini

StOP aW Ah

Nathan Ricci says:

Lamborghini takes a shit on a Ferrari

David Douillet says:

Bande de debiles

YME says:

id rather be poor that being that guy no joke

Alejandro 456Yt says:

0:16 my D*ck when um N*t LMAO Ahaha

Mou AD says:

Pog a faillit piser sur son pantalon

3t22x2t22 siren boy says:

I like the gtr skyline r34 can kill.all super cars

ᏞᎪ NᎪᏚᎪ says:

Jajaja Cool

Kaysu Gaming tv says:

Who is driving the car? Is the driver fart a fire inside the car so the car fart a fire to?

Dalton Gearing says:

0:12 is what you came fo thank me later

Isa Nator3145 says:

Oh and the Ferraris brakes sounded like Donald trump when he wakes up 😅😅😅

Isa Nator3145 says:

The lambo did diarrhoea on the Ferrari

Filip Kikyov says:

Ferrari sucks

ZeYd_ AlisiX_ says:

Sa serrait plutôt une Ferrari mets le feu à une Lamborghini.

Rizwan Razaq says:

Well let's all be honest nothing really happened

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