My Tesla Roadster is ALL DONE!

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Tesla Roadster has been refreshed! It looks better than when it came off the line. Watch our other Tesla videos:

Thanks to Luxe Auto Spa for their amazing work! If you want to win one of the mini Model 3 cars – check out their video here: Subscribe to their channel here:

If you would like to buy a Tesla using our Code, here is the link:

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Muhammad Zia says:

I drove that roaster in GTA 5

Blessed Isco says:

This guy thinks he’s a car guy cuz he buys Tesla’s dkm 🤣🤣🤣

Henry Hill says:

skips the legit £1.5 million Shelby

Chickendumplins says:

Looks like a tape line below the emblem on the front bumper above the character line. Wonder if that was poor bodywork or something with the wrap.

Calvin Hicks says:

Doesn’t he realize he’s too tall for that car? His head is sticking out of the top. Why isn’t the top on in the video?

Anime Consumer says:

….i haven't watched this channel in a while. Lincolns voice is so different now. oof

Harman Grewal says:

"It was actually shot with a RED camera. . ."
me: immediately goes back to appreciate RED footage

AidenOCE says:

Time to see whats inside now😂

Well that’s Fantastic says:

0:00 don’t disrespect the cobra like that

Dezmon Shumate says:

That is roblox
Music get

Efranov says:

The cool part of Tesla roadster is the shape that look like a supercar but use electricity as main power. The paint job from luxe autospa is amazing, I can't believe the car look really shiny and also protected.

Patrick Trinidad says:

why don't you make a carbon fiber hardtop.. i'm sure Luxe can make it for you..

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