Need for Speed HEAT – Is The Koenigsegg Regera OVERPOWERED?

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A bunch of cars in NFS Heat have received a buff since Payback, but how does the fastest car from the last game hold up this time?

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Outro: Madloops


Crazy Beast says:

maybe its slower than the ferrari bc you crashed you dummy

The Car Dude says:

what is the needed things to get online in NFS Heat

Hamburger 3838 says:

It just isn’t slower you crashed like 80 times during the regera race

Kenzy says:

In that race I got 1minute and 30 secs in my Ford GT

James Tonks says:

No,the opp joke is a song by naughty by nature

Gamer 2009 says:

Can you test if the Amazon P130 is still OP like on Payback I was beating fully upgraded Regeras with a stock P130

iMxzer says:

We are here in NFS not to make the car look aggressive, that the stupidest thing i ever saw.

Elias Coumine says:

Does anyone know what upgrades improve the regera’s handbrake

hito says:

I have the op Porsche and it had a better time, it was like 1:27:53

Etheriun, The Helpless says:

Samantha's White Kitty Civic from nfs ug was my childhood

Ahmed Abduljabbar says:

I got 2 18 on the regera

The Origin4l says:

Funny that song came out right before I watched this

Joseph iX says:

I don’t know if it’s me but if you pay attention he wasnt playing during this video just look at his hands

Bossitronio 03 says:

What car should I buy then

dew squad says:

Maybe it’s because you crashed into a goddamn car

Joe_ Rose907 on insta says:

Try the lotus full custom mine isn’t full and it easy goes 245

Nagendra Kammar says:

The refers is the best you crashed it very much

Carkid36 says:

Pause on 7:09 😂😂😂

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