New Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante. Aston's 211mph soft-top!

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The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante is Aston’s most expensive regular production model as well as its most powerful with 715bhp and 900Nm of torque. It can do 211mph top up or down but what’s it like to drive? Find out here..
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bu kwok says:

keep the car, dont sell, 20 years later your grandson watching this video and make same video with your grandson's son. thats aston martin ride harry family traditions.

MarkoTiano says:

I dont why automakers still make soft-tops?? That's getting out of fashion. Retractable hard-tops much modern and obviously safer

Barrie Payne says:

Your aluky man Harry,hope that grandson knows what he’s born into.

Hans Larsson says:

Great video but you might want to apply a subsonic filter to the raw sound. My subwoofer really started to rumble in the in car scenes.

Ensarratubers says:

Great machine !!!!💪💪💪

Bad Baroque says:

thank you Harry for all the joy you are giving us with these videos!

Alan Hunt says:

Such an intelligent boy with impeccable taste….and good advice for his Grandpa…. I see a future Aston owner right there!!.. 🙂

Steve Arnott says:

We are all like your grandson, the grin said it

Glevum Consulting says:

Wonderful car…. love the grandsons reaction… priceless !

Paulthorpe says:

Nice vid', lovely car and a new mini-me in the making! Have to say those seats though look like they are made from a superhero's rubber costume ⚡☄️🌠🌍

Melbourne 1964 says:

Many things contribute to making Harry's videos so enjoyable.I like how he gets down to driving the car early in the video. Too many reviewers spend the first 2/3 or 3/4 of the video explaining how the interior technology works and how current it is etc etc. Who gives a shit!!Have a look at the car's design, and then drive the bloody thing! If you want to play computers stay home.Harry's grandson wonderful, but very Harry, wearing OshKosh while going for a drive.

Byron G says:

That is a beautiful car. Its as simple as that

Ricky Austin says:

Who’s the favourite granddad then? Listening to round the horn this morning and watching this this evening, proper smile twice

Bill Dennis says:

Wondrefull review. The ending is absolutely priceless!!!

IncognitoCognito says:

These videos are almost therpuidc, a break from COVID-19 news. Thanks, Harry.

Gianpaolo La Greca says:

My fiat 500c roof also goes down when I hold the key button down!

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