New Corvette ZR1 C6 supercharged c5 zo6 stingray a little acceleration cars and coffee

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My first sighting of the brand new corvette zr1. A little bit of acceleration, but the cop stationed at the show made him step off. Nice sounding zo6 , i think with B&B exhausts. and a nice stingray convertible.


Matt P says:

pussy is to pussy to me

tomnguyen717 says:

i rape lancers with my c6 they won't even pull up next to me :p

tomnguyen717 says:

Nothing special? the c6 are 430hp stock. slap in a supercharger on the ls3 and you have a zr1

M3Pilot says:

what about being inside a corvette??

Batt alio says:

lol, you're a fucking genius.

Matt P says:

this comment i made over a year ago wasent in all seriousness. i dont know if u know but, theres this thing called sarcasm. or a sense of humor. 109 people got it. your just a bitch.

Brandon Lauer says:

i wish i was that road…tear

MrMotte62 says:

one of my favorit super-car ;better than ferrari

rocmd2020 says:

i love when people try to put down corvettes. lol. faster that a lot of ferraris for a whole lot less. vette is a powerhouse just like usa. we do big engines and big trucks for big boys..lil hondas and acuras for lil bieber tweenies

alanlancer008 says:

@stickrpg23 i made you sit your ass down biiiatch

alanlancer008 says:

@stickrpg23 there all lil Hondaa in miami doing work on vetts. if its not a z06 or a zr1 it really isn't nothing special

alanlancer008 says:

@stickrpg23 come to miami and show me what a vette can do lol. i can see it now…base model rsx smoking a v8 like nothing

devilselbow says:

fuck the zr1 lets see more of that stingray

onerussian says:

american crap

Matt P says:

@alanlancer008 sounds like your gay. have a nice life… i dont drive a honda btw. talk all the shit u want, whn u dont got 1 video up. its all good ya digggg

alanlancer008 says:

@matthewrockslol22 lol you cant get laid thats sad. girls wouldnt know what a zr1 is first of all. its nice and all but it dont look like a car thats worth over 100k plus if i had something exotic i wouldnt let no bitch sit in my lambo or anyone else. ya digggg if not then grab a shovel my friend lol. u prob drive a honda now ll

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