Nissan GT-R R35 vs Lamborghini Huracan Novitec N-Largo S

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This video features an 820HP Lamborghini Huracan Novitec N Largo S racing against a Nissan GT-R R35 with Akrapovic exhaust system.The Huracan is fitted with a VF Engineering Supercharger System and a very loud iPE exhaust system.

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Gumbal says:

Some brutal races! Which one is your favorite?

Mr Dashgamer says:

im team lambo all day

K Gian says:

Hurican kicked gtrs ass

Tech's&Games Lovers says:

amateur gtr driver

Ashton God reaper sans says:

I own those cars I drove the ones that won and the ones that lost were my friends

Kwol Kosa says:

Cheater the porch got head start

TheBoltMaster says:

Track performance: huracan
Drag performance: gtr

It's also generally harder to make a sports car like the gtr better at track performance than super cars like the lamborghini huracan cause the gtr isn't made to go around tracks with such ludicrious kits and upgrades, and having everything upgraded to improve track performance is expensive and wastes time. Meanwhile supercars come from factory stock capable of this kind of track performance.

ملك ثري فاير says:


보바 says:

All talk about the cars and the race. No one cares about the girl and the kid's safety they brought in the cars. Wtf! Careless event.

Setiono Sapto says:

Selamat anda telah menemukan komentar Dalam Bahasa Indonesia 😊

lineth garcias. says:

chido eso auto.quiero unas.

Gl3 dis says:


Big Country says:

Wrap lifes GTR would smoke that lambo

Mike Kaleel says:

the ZR1 is the ultimate driving machine

Sachin Kumar says:

Moral of the story is don't mess with gtr

Arpan Gurung says:

GTR the beast of beast

Moeyy says:


Pado Balak says:

What if the Nissan gtr was fully upgraded
All the other sportcars:now this is an avengers level threat

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