Nissan JUKE full TV ad

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The full version of the new Nissan JUKE commercial!

Watch the full version of the dazzling new commercial for the Nissan JUKE, including the mesmerising track by Fredrika Stahl.

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Witt Tayatan says:

I don't want to see that car driving around my hoods.

charvo alt says:

The best advert I have ever seen for a car. If I win lotto I shall be buying one of these brand new 😀

Chris Prousi says:


Stephen K. says:

You ignorant fool, those are british pounds not Euros, and to think that the dollar is the best currency in the world well, again you are a fool. Every time your country fcks around and starts a new war, your joke currency starts going down the drain.. is not even stable nowdays. Compare it to euro or the pound and you will see.

332211ggGHGFF says:

Was that a gay joke at the ending there or what? What does he have to do with the Juke? BTW- I barely see this car on the road at all. Where are all the Juke's! ?

tyler5619 says:

Wtf, Nissan.

Little.J.Voorhees says:

freaky thing a street sweeper fucked up my hood on my juke , so pissed

Freerider Dave says:

@VOLVORULEZ1995 micra is still in production currently is a 1.2 supercharged engine

Freerider Dave says:

anyone who says they dislike the car has 1 never driven one or 2 cant afford one. Im leaving car modification for a Juke Shiro. Also cost me £21000 with all the extras I wanted its a superb car to drive. Just because its looks are not conventional does not make it ugly. Notice how no one rips on the Juke R because its fast?

bawona says:

This car so sick. Drove it want one so bad. Wtf is up with the tran at the end??

as89189 says:

@NISMOSkylineGTR all i can say is – leave Norway dude )

as89189 says:

@savethisvirgin Fredrika Stahl – Twinkle twinkle

Robert Downey Jr. says:


savethisvirgin says:

who sing this song?

Filipe1020 says:

@gussynation nice car, are you serious? It's ugly as heck!

zielona777 says:

f.u.c.k this car…a like the music 🙂

dariowirtz says:

@ihos501 It is Berlin.

Ishaan S says:

what city is this?

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