Noble M600 Ride ! Top Marques Monaco 2013

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During the Top Marques Monaco 2013, I had the chance to do a ride of 35 minutes in this exclusiv Noble M600 through Monaco. As every year, Noble was present at the show and had a car available for the test ride ! This year, the 650HP Noble M600 was in carbon blue as you can see from the GoPro view in the video, I will upload later a video from the Noble M600 I filmed driving in Monaco from the exterior
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Many Thanks to the driver !


staLker1202hu says:

It has left side version too???????? (O_O)


Realty With Sean Kemp says:

There is a guy here in Dallas, TX who has one and he had all the body panels replicated using carbon fiber so the entire body is carbon fiber

cybertree says:

LMAO look at the chick at 2:34, she's got that 
"Oooh, he must be rich, I might sleep with a guy with THAT car." 
look on her face XD lol.

cybertree says:

I love all nations around the world, and have no prejudice against any either. But when I heard this EPIC, PERFECT sounding exhaust note, for some reason I just KNEW it was American in some way (we may not have the most expensive, best performing vehicles on the planet (yet! :P)), *turns out the OWNER is an American who went to the beautiful nation of race engineering of England to start his dream car. And BOY I'M GLAD HE DID, because this is the best sounding supercar ever IMO, it's a little "refined" like a ferrari or a lambo, but has that raw, BADASS, throaty sound of an American hot rod.

cybertree says:

BEST SOUNDING SUPERCAR EVER! Honestly it's the only supercar that's truly made me think "wow this powerful car is special, AND IT HAS SOME BALLS!". I've never heard ANY other supercar come close to how badass and beautiful that throaty engine sounds, I wonder why there aren't any supercars that sound this deep and loud?

Allen Jackson says:

Anyone else see the Zonda C12 coming out of the tunnel?

RobloxFilmProducful/RBX Videos & Car Vids says:

It will be mine one day….

DJ'S Productions says:

Can you give me this for my birthday

theblackopslegend1 says:

They make a left hand conversion for the car?

14Supercarandreas14 says:

So awesome to see all the other cars driving by, great video!

Fipeux says:

Thank you !

RJTDBF says:

Cool footage!!

surgicalsurgeon A says:

4:59 BAC mono!

ATREX says:

2:48 aaaah c'est fipeux hahahah;)

Onyrique says:

Belle video

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