Noble M600 vs Nissan R35 GTR [HD]

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I shot this footage at a Vmax event. Its not really a race but to see who can achieve the best terminal speed through the timing beams at the end of the 2 mile runway.

The Noble reached 205mph and the GTR 197mph


Gerry Freeman says:

We all know the Gtr is a machine , but the noble is a beast , just because its Volvo derived engine , breathed on by Yamaha , somehow is shameful , volvos don't breakdown :). Its a credit to Noble
A bespoke car for Petrol heads ..
Keep them coming chaps

Bay Webb says:

The M600 by far is one of my favorite cars. The GTR had a c*nt hair of a head start but that Noble just wrecked it

brabos al says:

don't fuck with volvo

LeocornoProductions says:

steven the gtr cheated you dumb fuck, it started driving before the guy started the race

marco trance says:

Godzilla wins again 

CaioSDMF says:

Me too, but you know the noble is far more expensive than the gtr right?

duy nguyen says:

bugatti is shit

luis mckenzie says:

title should be changed to real drivers car vs ugly ass robot ill let you decide which is which

JuergenGDB says:

Noble… is freaking Money.. I would take the Noble.. and most of the comments are right on.. the GTR is well.. a Nissan Altima on steroids.. The Noble is a true hypercar.. not only looks and sounds good but is capable of over 220mph. I see GTR's at least once or twice a week, sure they sound and look good, but seeing a Noble is super rare.. maybe a lifetime for some.. or never depending where you live.

JustForShitReally says:

You've just got to remember the M600 has practically nothing, the GTR is all comuters and has launch control etc. the power to weight ratio the M600 has is amazin Bugatti territory

Stan Jackson says:

put it short noble rocks gtr ONLY good for handling and the ONLY reason it wins races is that AWD.

nzm0n5t3r says:

noble over the ugly gtr anyday

Cerberus says:

m600 doesn't have the gear changes to beat the GTR in a race that short. But I'm sure it would destroy it in a rolling start or a longer race

kimpoy gan says:

My two dream Cars

POWER says:

Gtr driver sucked from the start

Epica124 says:

On top of that it was not even a race.

Epica124 says:

It did not lose the guy was slowing down for the damn turn coming up. If not for the turn the car would have still been out in the lead the whole damn time.

Rumeel12708 says:

dude The Noble is made for real drivers with real driving skills not enhance driving skills by 100 x's by computers, so i dont think the driver will crash

Hannibal Lecter says:

Lol i know there are intelligent americans. But there are stupid americans like him.

shanmohta says:

Please, I'm american and dont associate me with that fool. even we know our volvo's from our volkswagen's 😛

Hannibal Lecter says:

And did you just say Volkswagen XC90? Look at your ignorance. You must be one of those stupid americans. And the yamaha engine produces more power than your gtr. Also it's Volvo XC90 which is from sweden. Where the koenigsegg agera comes from. Another car which can destroy your tuners wet dream. In the new episodes of top gear the trio took a mclaren, a noble and a lamborghini which are proper supercars. Not a tuners car or a drifters car. Turbo S as i say again destroyed your 2013 gtr.

Hannibal Lecter says:

It's a pure driver's supercar. Just like the F40. And the amount they spent caused them to make a car better than a gtr. BTW the ultimate GTR killers are the MP4 12c and porsche 911 turbo s. The 997 generation. If the 991 comes out it will completely annihilate your gtr. The mp4 12c destroyed the gtr on top gear test track.

steven says:

no traction control no stability control, an engine made from a volkswagon xc90 and polished off by yamaha? oh and to top it off steel brakes yes I said steel brakes and if you had any pray of trying to survive an accident forget about it no airbags sorry.lool wouldn't say supercar more like coffin on wheels lol

Rumeel12708 says:

Both cars r sic but Noble has more power 2 weight ratio XD


The the in only good for 0-60 springs after that the zr1 will eat that ass….As well as many other cars…..4wheel drive…..

Christian Sansovich says:

wow that is really fast

Hannibal Lecter says:

The nissan is not a work of art. I have to admit that the front of the noble is a bit unbalanced. The GTR looks deformed and it's random curve at the back looks horrible. And a supercar is meant to normally be low. The LFA looks better than the GTR but i still think the LFA is not a work of art. The gallardo lp560-4 and 458 italia are much better looking. Actually even the MP4-12C looks better than the GTR. And not to mention the mclaren performs better too.

steven says:

yeah well your not a nissan driver so obviously the looks would appeal to you. duh.the lfa is disgusting looking car talk about a car that looks unfinished. you can have your bmw but get used to seeing gtr taillights .lo lgtr has yet to see any bmw taillights lol

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