On Board Koenigsegg CCXR!!! Al-Thani Turquoise!!

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1200bhp monster, one of a kind, specially made for the owner. completely custom LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!!


El Senxual Yizuz says:

The SuperCar, crash in México, RIP…
Ya no lo veremos nunca más, QEPD…

Daniel Torres says:

Now in MEXICO🇲🇽

Loïc Martel says:

did'nt know it was your vid !! Lol

marek says:

who is watching in 2016

Tiago André says:

change ur brain and fill it with oil.

Peter Pan says:

The Special One has 1200bhp 🙂

Lambo says:

It HAS 1017 hp!

Rolling Art Motorsports says:

The reason they piss about London at nanny speed is because these knobo's can't drive, kinda like most Americans lol

I had these two fellas from the middle east on a track day at Goodwood and they didn't have a clue but in all fairness they were there to learn.

More money than skill !

Malapropify says:

"Uhhh and you have system there for like all the 'kuunnings'. You can start it to check the tires and check everythings." Sounds like a well invested 2 million pounds. I don't think my car has everythings, but it can check the tire pressure.

Ahmad Faisal says:

He is not a show off, he is one of the Presidents of the UAE

vsuperstar69 says:

wow ! there r cars, and cars and cars but this is truely special !!!!

Paul M says:

And cue the fanboys who start to argue because one doesn't know that this is special edition blah blah blah and it gives an extra amount of who gives a fuck. More to the point though, this video is SHIT.

Peter Pan says:

actually no i graduated with top grades and with a Cambridge certificate for advanced english. Yes i did play roller coaster tycoon because i liked it and thought it was fun, some people are creative you know but maybe your brain can't comprehend that because you're obviously retarded and have anger issues.

M. T. says:

Probably because you ditched school and started play Roller Coaster Tycoon all day. Douche. Now piss of

Peter Pan says:

actually no, i had no such troubles 🙂 you might have though what do I know, maybe your mother threw you into a wall or something

M. T. says:

Correction: Made fun of

Peter Pan says:

iv'e actually graduated cuntlord

M. T. says:

You must be the kid everyone makes fun off at school. Go play some Rollercoaster Tycoon kid.

Peter Pan says:

you can't go 300 km/h inside of central London. that's why they were driving slow you fucking idiot. Yes, i totally agree with that. But your dumbass asked why they were driving slow in the video and i simply answered that. No need to be a fucking tool.

M. T. says:

If you really believe that you're fucking stupid and dead wrong. These idiots should be driving this on the fucking Nürburgring, Spa Francorchamps, or where ever they can drive it fast.

These people just don't know what to do with their money and drive around London with these rides.

Peter Pan says:

something called traffic, heard of that?

EboTV says:

wouldnt blamee them man. if i has a lambo id be revving them in peoples faces lol

Vuxx599 says:

Fantastic Video!

M. T. says:

I never understood the reason why these douchebags come to London, drive their fancy rides through the streets with a slow pace. Are they attention whores? Are they scared to drive it fast? The fuck dude.

kristoffer olsson says:

oh ok thanks i didnt know tey id that 🙂

Andrew TheDrew says:

thats why its "Specialy Made for the Owner" Koenigsegg does add a little bit horse power for owners with a bit more money

randomv3iwer says:

it takes true grits to be race car driver, let alone a Formula 1 bad ass. the Arabs are not up to it on this life time.

N S says:

I once drove a tesla roadster: D

Peter Pan says:

it is a custom CCXR made to the owners wishes, it does have 1200 bhp and not 1018 bhp like a "regular" CCXR does

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