Pagani C9 Prototype Crash with 9ff GT9-R !!!!!!

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That mass of carbon fiber strewn across the B14 Autobahn near Stuttgart, Germany is none other than a prototype for the Pagani C9, the replacement for the Zonda. Why Stuttgart, you ask? Well, like the Zonda, the C9 uses a Mercedes-Benz motor. Instead of the 7.3-liter AMG V12 that amply powered the Zonda, the C9 apparently uses a twin-turbo version of Mercedes’ 6.0-liter V12, making somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 hp.

Of course, in the SAE horsepower standard that we use in the United States, that 700 hp converts to “too much.”

Pagani C9 test mule crashing today, we are reporting about another sports car crash that happened on the 13th of March at the VMax Armageddon 2010 in Bruntingthorpe, England.

A 1135hp strong 9ff GT9-R nummer 00/20 crashed during a high speed run. Autobild reports that the vehicle went off the track during high speed braking. Luckily nobody got injured.

9ff stayed quiet about the crash in their latest newsletter only mentioning the results at the event. Before the hypercar crashed it did a top speed of 356km/h (222mph), a new top speed record in Bruntingthorpe. The speed was already reached in 5th gear. For the sixth gear the track was too short.

For those of you reading our website more often you may have seen this vehicle before. Some days ago we reported about the sale of the exact same highly modified Porsche Turbo via Jameslist for a price of € 823,529. However, all that is left now is only scrap value.


Carlitox b says:

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Jason Landry says:

1. seperate crashes. 2. pagani recently had a press conference stating the c9 would not be using the 6.0 liter twin turbo version of amg's V12. nor would it even have the same block. the v12 pagani is using is supposedly out of a mercedes touring car, like the zonda r, or they have designed an engine specifically for paganis uses.

Dan Smith says:

separate crashes!

mixed123456 says:

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