Pagani Huayra: Art, Emotion, Technology

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The Huayra is Horacio Pagani’s flag in the New World of the Hypercar. At a million dollars the Huayra is reserved for a privileged few but we got our hands on one and took it to the roads of Northern Italy to see this magnificent beast on its home turf.

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Crazy Legend says:

Pagani is the real modern classic

Deepak Kalburgi says:

That's really a nice color

Rob M says:

" i told Lamborghini to buy an autoclave. They told me if Ferrari doesnt have one we dont need one." Ignorant thinking…

Vishnu Das says:

Pagani is both real beauty and real art.a legendary car which is irreplaceable and incomparable.

Richard Landry says:

Great video but too much orange color filter.

Kevin Pullorkunnel says:

i just wish that the car was in a different color for the film (not my preference). maybe white but still a mesmerizing vid

Leon Kennedy says:

saloon looks very advanced from 2335

mena seven says:

The Pagani Huara is a beautiful and powerful supercar.

A.G. Martinez says:

That car is in The Anals Of Supercar Stardom

Mathew Ball says:

Its's, not a Hyper-Car it's a Supercar you have to have the hybrid technology to call it a Hyper-Car.


This is by far the best video on YouTube. Well put together.

NTH THN says:

Ok Huayra is lighter than a Focus?! 🤯🤯🤯

NTH THN says:

Huayra is Beauty.

Yash Goswami says:

Long road david kelly

Robin Mossing says:

You nailed it. SteamPunk esque is 100% the way to describe this interior….Its amazing.

Devonte Murray says:

If I were a millionaire, I'd definitely purchase this Pagani without a question. It's definitely one of the best looking hypercars to date!!!!

videonaj says:

If I just became a multimillionaire I wouldn't be buying paintings. I think I would like to drive my artwork around so others could enjoy it.

winglessang31 says:

Bulletproof material. Brilliant engineering.

Uday A S says:

I love every inch of this car 😍😍

kotaro yaguchi says:

He is a good presenter. If he had taken over Top Gear, I would watch.

wyatt loftin says:

I am a very huge fan of quad head lamp cars. The challenger, the charger, some GM cars, a few Volvos. I've always had a weakness for quad head lamp's But as much as other cars look mean with them, this one manages to look beautiful with them. As well as the Zonda did, and naturally with the focus on aerodynamics as well as aerospace influence, this car would be awesome!

20 20 says:

Lu$ting 😛

Carry On The Melody says:

Alex Goy is without doubt my favourite car reviewer of all time.. Whether its Pagani, Aston Martin, Ferrari or even Rolls Royce, he gives the perfect, largely controversy free verdict, and always the perfect ending to every film he does. I couldn’t agree more with those who say ‘he should be on new Top Gear’.

I know theres more popular YT review channels out there but Carfection is for me the absolute best of them all. Both Alex and his partner in crime Drew Stearne give the best reviews and out there. It feels like you can really connect with both of them.

Keep up all your amazing work Carfection.

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