Pagani Huayra on the road- evo magazine video diary

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When the first Pagani Huayra made its appearance at a meet for Pagani owners, evo’s Harry Metcalfe was there to take a ride.

The new Pagani Huayra is one of the most eagerly awaited supercars with the promise of 720bhp from its mid-mounted 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged engine – enough power to blast it to an estimated 235mph top speed.

Our man Harry Metcalfe got a chance to see the Huayra up close at an event for Pagani owners in Sardinia – there are some advantages to having a Zonda in the garage.

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Leonidas Sabr says:

I didnt know it has to do that endurance testing

Qasim Mir says:

If this car was naturally aspirated with manual gearbox, it’d be perfect.

kingofalldoughboys says:

This is the most hideously ugly car inside and out! Tacky, overdone interior looks like it was styled by a twelve year old who has no friends! Homer Simpson did a better job designing a car!

Kevin Neal says:

Capt. HP was all like "you ready to take off?"

Soham Roy says:

All pagani s have so bad visibility.even lambos seem like mclaren to this eye level dashboard.

Bad_Bunny_Bites_You says:

fucking old mans with money

Albert silent hill fan! says:

Very nice handling around corners!

Damager Dark says:

онанизм какой-то короче))

Seb Smith says:

car is ok imo, old rich guys driving though :L not great

Tatjana Vejnovic says:

This is quite literally my favorite video on the Huayra.

Stacey McGrath says:

F@ckin awful car!

jayaybe1 says:

Sounds like my Hoover.

jonacds says:

Alejandro Morales you are idiot, he is from Argentina not EE UU, Stupid.

Alejandro Morales says:

Idiot can't pronounce anything right. He also needs to get his facts straight.

porfyrus1 says:

what a beast! my god!

TJ32 says:

I don't think that interior would ever stop stunning you when you got in


ill trade you my for ford focus its a hybrid, white people live hybrids

Andrew Lowery says:

A moving piece of art, You should just change those tires out for some good old maple wood frames;)

Mrdean568 says:

I wish all old people drove like this. 😎 

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