VIDEO 3 – THE BUILD BEGINS – Having tested that the Nissan GT-R systems work perfectly in a shortened wheelbase, the team starts to build the Juke-R. Work begins on constructing a complex roll cage inside the Juke’s body shell, as well as the structure that will house the GT-R’s engine, drivetrain and other vital systems. (More)

Знакомство Сергея Стиллавина с Juke могло состоятся ещё в прошлом году, когда авто презентовали для журналистов в Германии. Но тогда по срокам не получилось. Зато сейчас команда “Большого тест-драйва” в полной мере смогла оценить все плюсы и минусы “Урода Уродовича Уродова”. Со всех ли сторон машина смотрится оригинально, что помешало Рустаму Вахидову комфортно расположиться в багажнике, если кнопка старт/стоп светится оранжевым, то это что-то значит? Также в выпуске доблестные сотрудники охраны, которые активно препятствовали проведению съемок. (More)

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VIDEO 2 – TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER – As well as the engine and drivetrain, the Nissan GT-R features a wealth of technology and the team faces several challenges in transferring the GT-R’s complex driving systems into the body of a JUKE. (More)

Nissan JUKE-R Special Video — As Juke-R gets closer to completion, Nissan took the car out of the build process to film this special video before testing begins on their unique supercar crossover. Fitted with a 480bhp GT-R engine under its bonnet, hear the Juke-R engine fired up for the first time and see the car’s dynamic styling, both inside and out. (More)

En esta comparativa, probamos 7 de los mejores SUV y crossover del segmento B: (More)

It was a fantastic race between 4 cars, Nissan Juke-R concept, Lamborghini LP560-4, Ferrari 458 and Mercedes SLS AMG.
Which car was the winner? Watch and Enjoy. (More)

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Die EuroNCAP-Experten haben fünf neue Crashtests durchgeführt. Geprüft wurden der BMW X1, der Dacia Duster, der Mitsubishi ASX, das Elektroauto Mitsubishi i-MiEV und der Nissan Juke. Drei Kandidaten erhielten die Maximalwertung von fünf Sternen, die übrigen zwei nur drei beziehungsweise vier. Die Sternewertung ist das Gesamtresultat eines Tests, darüber hinaus gibt es Teilergebnisse, die in Prozentwerten angegeben werden. Die Disziplinen heißen Sicherheit der Frontinsassen — beim Frontalaufprall, Seitenaufprall einer Barriere, eines Pfahls und Heckaufprall –, Sicherheit von Kindern im Fond, Sicherheit von Fußgängern bei einem Aufprall auf die Fronthaube und Ausstattung mit Sicherheitssystemen wie ESP. (More)

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Video showing acceleration from 0 to 210 km/h (top speed) of my mom’s new Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T 4WD CVT. It’s one of the very first Juke’s 1.6 DIG-T 4WD CVT in Poland, especially it is in lovely White Pearl QX1 color 🙂
Gearbox was in Manual mode, Nissan Dynamic Control System in SPORT mode.
Hope you enjoy it 🙂 (More)

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Cinematic film Desert Nemesis follows Nissan’s inaugural GT Academy winner, Lucas Ordonez, as he takes the innovative Juke-R to Dubai’s International Marine Club to face some of the world’s most famous supercars in a thrilling street race. (More)

“wie geil is das denn !!!” “Awesome” “Impresionante”, como empuja!!!” are some of the comments you posted on the NIssan JUKE Official Facebook page about the JUKE-R street race in Dubai . Well, since you liked it, we’ve decided to show you THE official HQ video. Enjoy the exclusive angle shooting of the thunderous JUKE-R . (More)

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Nissan Juke owner Linda S contacted us with her story. We turned her nerve-wracking experience of driving blind through the thick fog into the ultimate Crossover test. Perched on a series of containers, our engineers navigated its perilous path, aided only by the Juke’s on-board Around View Monitor. Watch the Nissan Juke wind its way through the different challenges, including navigating some pretty dangerous-looking corners. See what happens when necessity meets innovation during this one-of-a-kind challenge. (More)

VIDEO 10 – SHAKEDOWN AND TESTING – The moment has finally come for Juke-R to hit the track! With the build complete, engineers take Juke-R to MIRA proving ground to check all systems work correctly before heading to Silverstone to push the car’s limits. It looks like a Juke but sounds like a GT-R, and performs like one on its first circuit tests. (More)

We pit the GT-R-powered Nissan Juke-R against a Porsche 911 GT2 RS in a turbo six-cylinder face-off on the latest episode of Car and Driver: Abroad. (More)

As you know at Nissan, we love doing unexpected things. What’s more innovative and exciting than a combination of the Nissan Juke and the Nissan GT-R? This what the Juke-R is all about: the ultimate compact crossover. Discover the first exclusive video of this amazing car and give us your thoughts on the Nissan JUKE Official Facebook page: (More)

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Şehrin haylazı Yeni Nissan Juke ile enerjini serbest bırak. (More)

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We pit the new Nissan Juke-R against the GT-R
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As part of its 50th anniversary Mercedes-AMG is this year celebrating not only the successful past and present; above all it is looking forward. With the show car Mercedes-AMG GT Concept the sports car and performance brand is giving an indication of the alternative drive configurations AMG is designing. Over and above this the four-door coupé heralds the further extension of the AMG GT family. The thirdmodel series after the SLS AMG and AMG GT is now being completely autonomously developed at the company’s headquarters in Affalterbach. The designation and fundamental design elements on the front and tail end denote the family affiliation to the AMG GT. The”EQ Power+” identifier on the mirror cam indicates the increased performance that can be expected from hybridisation at AMG. (More)

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This week Mercedes-AMG introduces a new concept as an extension of the AMG GT family, that will seemingly become a production version in the near future. According to the manufacturer, this GT delivery provides “a sneak preview of the exterior design coming to the series-production model.” (More)

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Mercedes-AMG GT four door x290 is getting closer to its premiere. Despite the fact that he is Four Door – it would be more correct to call him Five Door because it’s a hatchback, or more precisely – a fastback, he has 5 doors. And this is not the only difference from the CLS (CLE) of the new generation, which is a sedan. CLE will not have V8 engines, and this prototype x290 is equipped with a V8 M177 engine, whose power will be at least 612 hp. Well, the first time we can look at the interior. But there were no surprises – another variation on the theme of the interior E-class. And it is true – they are not looking for good from the good)) (More)

Take a look at the Mercedes AMG GT4!
On the design front, instead of simply opting for a stretched four-door derivative of the Mercedes-AMG GT, the look of the new GT4 will be connected to the GT only by a handful of design themes. Among them are said to be a proper sports-car grille with vertical chrome bars, an evolutionary aero kit, and three trim packages that have been labeled AMG, AMG S, and AMG Sport. The GT4 adopts the basic body and chassis architecture from the CLS-Class, but it gets its own lighting system, quarter panels, doors, bumpers and wheels, not to mention a different interior. Perhaps the key thing that makes the exterior of the GT4 unique is the combination of an amazingly low roofline with a practical tailgate. According to the grapevine at AMG headquarters in Affalterbach, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 will be positioned and priced between the Mercedes-Benz CLS and the Mercedes-AMG GT
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Mercedes-AMG GT Concept – the forerunner of the four-door coupe Mercedes-AMG GT4 X290, which will enter the market in 2018 and will be the top model in the line of super sports cars Mercedes-AMG. (More)

This time I filmed the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT Four door (AMG GT4) testing at the Nürburgring. (More)