This what happens when you get your hands on a super car. Car transporter decided to make a quick stop in Mexico with a customers car. Whats better than racing a Lambo that is not yours? (More)

Brian spots an awesome Lizstick Red Saleen S7 with tan interior. The owner opened the rear bonnet so we could see the engine. Awesome/rare car, hope you like the video…the sun was very bright so there was a little lens flare. (More)

A very rare Koenigsegg Agera R driving through Monaco during Top Marques 2016 (More)

Unloading a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in Geneva (More)

Ok first of all i must say (especially dedicated to haters, high driving professor who got 13 years old or more and who only gone here by playstation or then couple of laps in their life 10 years ago)
that this battle on the Nurburgring Touristenfarthen was very very agressive and YES we clearly took some risk.
This was our choice and totally allowed here, anyway we know each other and respected all the other car we overtook, like no head light flashing or right overtaking .
Also important to notice that on that day moyorcycle was not allowed on track. (More)

The new Continental GT is a dramatic overhaul of the Continental’s USP – in terms of its dynamics, the technology that underpins it, and the imagination that’s gone into this British (but German-engineered) luxury totem.
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Video Produced by Assetto Corsa Racing Simulator (More)

2020 DODGE Challenger HELLCAT 727HP POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL
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Видеорегистраторы Neoline : (More)

Forza Horizon 4 – LIBERTY WALK LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR “RDBLA STYLE” – Test Drive – 1080p60FPS (More)

Forza Horizon 4 – The Stradman’s LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP700-4 – OFF-ROAD – 1080p60FPS (More)

A replica W16 engine. Paddle-shift gearing. Horseshoe grill. Authentic rims. Tune in and appreciate the features and functions, both inside and out, of the incomparable LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron sports car model. (More)

ACCELERATION TO 500 KM/H Compilation. (More)

#BugattiChiron Owner Limited Edition Car, Im Only
500 Lucky People Have This Car . (More)

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CONTINUING WITH OUR FULL TRACK SERIES, James and Thomas take the 2019 Dodge Charger Hellcat and pit it against the Tesla Model 3 Performance in a drag race. Can the 707hp monster take on the silent EV killer? (More)

Find crazy cheap cars with AutoTempest!► (More)

I have filmed a white Koenigsegg CCX doing some incredible noise in the streets of Monaco during the Top Marques! Video shows this awesome swedish supercar accelerating multiple times in tunnels, loud revving and driving around town, be sure to turn up the speakers because the sound you will hear is awesome! (More)

A bunch of cars in NFS Heat have received a buff since Payback, but how does the fastest car from the last game hold up this time? (More)

Devel Sixteen V16 5007 HP – FASTEST CAR In The WORLD – World Fastest Supercar/Hypercar. From Dubai, Faster than Koenigsegg Agera RS, Bugatti Chiron, Hennessy Venom F5, or any Other Supercars in the World (More)

Rated at 1,183 bhp at 6950 rpm and 1,094 lb·ft torque at 6150 rpm (More)

The world of AMG. One attitude. Your choice. The new Mercedes-AMG 43 range introduces exciting new engines to the AMG stable — scintillating engineering packages, true to the spirit of AMG. (More)

Hello everyone! and welcome back to the series of Forza drag races, in todays video we have the ultimate Bugatti showdown, featuring the newely added 2019 Bugatti Divo, going up against its older brothers in a series of races. against the Chiron and against the Veyron Super Sport, lets have a look at their specifications. (More)


Asian Pacific Motor Group: (More)


First time I’ve seen one of these on the road and it’s beyond crazy. This Saleen S7 Twin Turbo is 1/20 in the world and was blacked out by its current owner, who is also in possession of other great cars, such as a blacked out Enzo and Challenge Stradale 🙂 (More)

DtRockstar1 records a 750 horsepower Saleen S7 Twin Turbo revving very loudly and doing a quick acceleration. The owner was very kind, and he was laughing afterwards because he said he could see my hair flying around from the exhaust! (More)

This has been streaming with only a few brief interruptions since May 4, 2018.
Enjoy mesmerizing views of Earth from Starman’s Tesla as it journeys deeper into the great void, while your consciousness drifts away on hypnotic waves of ambient music.
To answer some common questions:
0) SHANE DAWSON! Some YouTubers claim there was a “glitch” in the SpaceX live stream that showed the car inside a film studio. What the clip showed was the inside of the rocket’s payload fairing (nose), as it opened up and exposed the car to space. Here are some photos of the car being mounted in the Falcon Heavy’s 6 million dollar, 43-foot high payload fairing. – And here is a graphic showing how the car is mounted to the top of the rocket.
1) NOT LIVE! This footage originally aired live on February 6, 2018. This stream is a cleaned-up replay loop with music and chat.
2) SpaceX intended the system to only transmit video for a few hours after the launch. That’s all they wanted, or needed.
3) Starman is now tens of millions of miles from Earth, orbiting the Sun (not Mars) at a speed ranging from 44,000 mph (20 km/s) to 75,000 mph (34 km/s). To track its position, visit
4) Starman is in a heliocentric orbit – around the Sun – that will take it past the orbit of Mars by a few million km, but not as far as the asteroid belt. It is expected to continue orbiting for millions of years. There’s a small chance that it could collide with Earth, Venus, or the Sun in the distant future.
5) SpaceX launched Elon Musk’s car into space because they needed to test the new Falcon Heavy rocket with a dummy payload. They wanted to use something more interesting than concrete blocks or steel. The Falcon Heavy is so powerful that it could have lifted *47* Tesla Roadsters into orbit!
6) The continent you see is Australia. Papua New Guinea and part of Africa are barely visible. If you only see water, it’s because the Tesla wasn’t far enough away from Earth to see the whole hemisphere. The island of New Caledonia appears as a dark cigar shape against the bright sunglint on the ocean (some mistake it as a UFO).
7) You don’t see any stars because they are too dim to see when the camera is configured to properly expose the brightly-lit Tesla and Earth. If the camera’s light sensitivity were adjusted to show the stars then Starman, the Tesla, and Earth would be bright white blobs. Here’s a video where I explain and demonstrate:
8) You don’t see clouds moving because they are thousands of miles away. The clouds would need to be moving faster than the speed of sound in order for you to see any movement during the brief time it takes for the Earth to traverse the video frame.
9) You don’t see the Earth’s rotation because it takes 24 hours to rotate, yet the video pans past Earth in less than a minute. That’s not enough time to notice any rotation.
10) During the dark part of the video when the camera is adjusted for very low light, the frequent little pixel flashes are caused by particles of radiation from the Van Allen Belts striking the camera sensor. The bright light flashes are lightning storms. The dim gray blobs are city lights. The bright line that moves across the car is a reflection of the sunset on the horizon, overexposed because the camera auto-adjusted for low light.
11) The apparent dust that is sometimes visible on the Tesla’s hood may be rocket fuel spray, exhaust, or frozen water microparticles (frost). All of the material came from the rocket, not from space.
12) The bits of white material that you see occasionally floating past are just frozen rocket fuel droplets, exhaust, dust, or paint flecks from the rocket. They are not bubbles, stars, or UFO’s.
13) The occasional “poofs” of white cloud that flash momentarily behind the Tesla are exhaust gases from the attitude thrusters as they fire to adjust the rocket’s position.
14) SpaceX put the Tesla into a slow spin so that it could capture these amazing Earth views, and to equalize heat distribution.
15) The small round crescent Moon shaped object that sometimes drifts across the frame is, in fact, the Moon. Not a UFO. It looks small because of the wide angle camera lens being used. Try taking an un-zoomed photo of the Moon with your cell phone. It will look very small.
16) The huge blue object is the Earth. Also not a UFO. (More)

This time I have filmed the all new 2019 Lamborghini Aventador SV Jota. Under the hood you will find the 6.5L V12 producing 770HP and 720Nm of torque. Only 900 unites of the SVJ will ever produced! (More)

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This video is about a beautiful Saleen S7-R I saw in action at Monza Circuit last weekend. The car is chassis 029R and it’s the first one of the “Evolution” version built from 2004 in California rather than in UK by RML like the first series (S7R was totally redesigned, both on the aero and especially on the constructive side). It was raced in the 2004 ALMS under the Acemco colours and in the 2009 FIA GT championship with K plus K Motorsport team.
Now this S7R has been restored by Art & Revs and it’s used in the Endurance Racing Legends series around Europe. Listen to the mighty roar of the 7.0 N/A V8 engine! (More)

Bugatti has honed the Chiron and is offering a Sport version of its 1,500 PS super sports car. (More)

Hellcat Challenger 147 MPH vs Shelby GT350 142 MPH , both stock. (More)

Friends It could be more better lap. Hope you like the video and enjoy. Friends please like share comment support and subscribe to my channel👍🙏 #Asphalt8 #Trainingcup3 #Tournamentautumn2019 #Update36 #Oceanviewderby #AdityaKataria (More)