Perfect- (Suzuki Swift Sport X-ITE)

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Driver – Kaan Koca
Video – Ahmet Can Ralva

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seyfi mengü says:

suspansionlar ne marka ?

Zekeriya Şenses says:

araç sahibi kim acaba

pignacio ziad says:

music : Joey Trife — perfect :

ekim andersom says:

So its lower and has a sticker? thats it?

VisorHUNgary says:

Music: Markus Schulz feat. Dauby – Perfect (Agnelli & Nelson Remix) 
Nice car btw!

Purnima Patil says:

Awesome video… Song name please!!!…:)

Flo Re says:

I love this video, it's great 🙂
I wish my Swift Sport was this low…

Yasin KA says:

Soportlarin 5 kapi olanlari yok galiba.

sefa GÜR says:

Vayy napmışsınız on numara olmus suzuki nın kendi tanıtımı gibi olmus emeye saygı…

TheDownloader86 says:

Too low, only for great roads with no speed bumpers. But still beatifull Swift Sport!

Ferenc Kórik says:

little mean machine. Nice.

Germán Romani says:

Hello. Music the video please? Thanks. German Romani from Argentina. I love Suzuki Swift

peter wisborough says:

What suspension is used to lower the car as looks great !!

fabian ramoz says:

hello how are you I'm from Argentina I love that car I have one but not the same model sport but the truth have a beautiful car I leave to my facebook chat c} for a hug dsde argentna to your country    ( fabian tato ramos facebook

Martin Antoš says:

Nice swift (y) , song please? 🙂

Hannibal Lecter says:

Very good

Ilias pap says:

Sss fof ever

1985326g says:

Fantastic video

ta fu says:

The very good editing.
what is this song?

M Rade says:

Perfect video with a perfect car 🙂

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