Picking up my Crush from the Airport in a LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR S!

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NekoD -1311 says:

The fuck?! Did she read my comment from the R8 video?

Martin Wachter says:

She'd better kiss you for this

HmongDefeater says:

On thumbnail I thought Asian boy

Kay Coupons says:

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Direct_Ive says:

Next time pick up in a icecream truck

Sherman Tang (Grade 5) says:

Are you in a relationship with her?

Guntur Wibowo says:

wait what ?

victor gg says:

Gado demais

Nguyen Cong Luc says:

please sub for me

Xx endel game xX says:

That lambo has a fat asss xddd butifol carrr

car toastie rr3 says:

why didnt you use gray audi r8 when you pick the cars? audi is way much more in style. if you did that she would have liked you more. and thats not bad, doing big buisness brudda!

snuglife wo says:

Did u buy it or rent it

Assoluto Huy says:

From Vietnam With Love !!!

ultimate name says:

I would pick the Bentley b/c its more luxurious and bigger trunk

DBolez 7 says:

Yo what’s the song at 11:12

Lie Rixon says:

The Asian Squat!

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