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The Porsche 911 GT2 RS, then. Take a Porsche 911, add a turbocharged engine that’s even more powerful than the one you’ll find in a Turbo S, and fit suspension that’s even more focused than the GT3 RS. Hey presto; the GT2 RS, a 690bhp, £200,000, limited-run supercar that’s capable of 211mph and a 0-62mph dash in 2.8 seconds.

More than that, it’ll lap the Nurburgring in just 6m 47.3sec.

We haven’t tested the car at the Nurburgring however, we’ve driven it in the UK, oddly, across three different locations, squeezing in driving impressions, photographs and video into a very short amount of time. So please enjoy this short first review, and stay tuned for a more in-depth GT2 RS video to come.

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Mark X says:

But a 720s can be had for less money and it's better in every way.

Andrey G says:

Camera work sucks and too shaky; haven't really shown the car at all

Ian Crossley says:

On the way to church with your mum in the back?

Jacob Beaulieu says:

That video was so disappointing… I loved how you talked about how great and fast It was then just putter around like a grandma wtf rev It up at least once for the viewers!

TurkeySlayer743 says:

Actually what an awful ugly car

jeff iles says:

My dream car right now. I saw one in the showroom window in Mayfair London on a quiet Sunday,I nearly walked inside but didn't want to torture myself. I'll stick to getting the same performance on 2 wheels.

Peirre Gale says:

“Titanium will catch fire before it melts”
I believe the material you were thinking of was magnesium.
The cage is Titanium though…

Ty N says:

Did he say things catch on fire before they melt?

T Ly says:

Yikes, the red on the roof is a bit much.

Pranay Mundaware says:

F6 700 hp wow

recon forsales says:

good porscheing

DLN78 says:

6 mins 47 sec…. in the Ring……….. WOW!!!!!!! Holy sh*t….. cant see any car taking this bad boy out.

Romi Mirza says:

Boring review!

Real M says:

It's first and foremost a race car, that is also road legal, like the new Ford GT. Just look at that giant Le Mans style wing…

Wheel Deals says:

Does it have AC?

Zayan Simon says:

RS stands for ‘real shit?’

27suzukirider says:

Over all it’s amazing… I just with the body kit was full carbon fibre,, that black plastic in the back looks a bit off…. it’s th only thing I don’t like. So all N all …. what I’m trying to say is that the GT3 RS is nicer looking 😬

One Stop says:

i absolutely love everything about this car, but the gear stick looks like a dildo!

kram namwen says:

5 minutes of wetting your knickers without ever putting your foot in you wimp.

Gas Pedal Subscribe says:

Paul Wallace: "needs an exhaust"

RDKells says:

I nearly clicked off this because I didn't want to hear some wanker trying to be a Clarkson or a Hammond, glad I didn't – you made this very easy to watch, thanks!

Mark Atherton says:

Magnesium sets on fire with heat NOT Titanium, it can harder with heat. COCK!!!

Rafael Lora Brito says:

Too much talk 👎👎👎

Tom Wagemans says:

Nice review! Btw magnesium is the metal that can catch fire when welding. Titanium indeed also needs special welding procedures.

Brian M.A. says:

I have banned term "Piece of Kit" . There is a word for what you're driving; the word is car.

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