Porsche Carrera GT vs Koenigsegg CCR Evolution x 2 Races to 200 mph / 320 km/h

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HD : Porsche Carrera GT vs Koenigsegg CCR Evolution x 2 Races http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e60-m5-e61-m5-touring-discussion/141437-supercar-shootout-august-2009-koenigsegg-ccr-evolution-nissan-gtr-bmw-m5-porsche-carrera-gt-ferrari-599-gtb-f1-porsche-911-gt2-997-lamborghini-lp560-4-gallardo-jaguar-xfr-more.html


Andrej Esaul says:

Carrera GT is made to win on race, not in a dumb straight

Flight Object says:

Что за дибил за рулём??

dee pharrow says:

American muscle

Night Wave says:

did anyone else panic when the sound cut out?

TheSupatrader says:

3:15 yeah, but Porsche comes with super hot spinner rims!

Modern Yin says:

the one:1 will actually beat any porche around the track

Мирабо says:

Koenigseggseg is overprised car,only for drag race,nothing special

A Weera Con Moto Co., Ltd. says:

The koniesegg is not slow and porsche is not fast

Mandolin1944 says:

Why are all these Koenigsegg races done from a rolling start instead of a proper drag race i.e., 0 – 200 or quarter mile times?

canonphoto says:

The koenigsegg is retarded fast, but still can't call the Carerra GT slow by any means.

Jucilei Borges says:

Der Carrera GT nicht geben , noch an den Start !!!

Faren Height says:

kinda a dumb race, the Carerra gt been out of production for 10 years, plus the price difference of the 2, but still great cars

Anthony Horton says:

gt board needs to make a koenigsegg agera R vs the hennessy venom GT

Urkraft says:

dat fairness, wtf? 😀 no sence^^

5K VENOM says:

Did the Porsche even think it was going to win like I could have told you the winners before the race

Sam Mas says:

Koenigsegg raped that car BAD!!!!!  LOL!!!!!

rads ter says:

Roger Rhoda's is a dead idiot that took out an innocent mans life

Karl Hans says:

i would never trust a swedish car 

Wolfsbuerger says:

Sucker-Engine vs Turbo-Engine.

Jimmydean hilltow says:

the gt is still my dream car

Sonny Chicago 773 says:

Why couldnt this guy lose control
Like roger rodas did.
Im not wishing on no one 2 be dead

Andile Success says:

fuck these guy's r playing with our eyes…

Donovan Salcedo says:

Why are Porsche fangirls saying what about on a track this Porsche was the worst handler of them all lmao.

Doctor Jekkil says:

OK, just data specifications and what about track skills ? Even top drivers, it is a stupid comparison, these cars are not for drag race. They are for "racetracks race" (with turns) !
Just ONE data, Nürburgring lenght; lap times and record places :
Porsche Carrera GT : 20 600 m ; 6' 57" 3th position and 1st time "normal" car (with windshield and wipers) ;

Koenigsegg CCR Evolution x 2 : 7'34" at 34th position. Slower than 1st Carrera GT model ! (7'28"71 in 2004) !!!

Conclusion: GT drag races without pro competition (g.e. Top Fuel) are for dumbs.

gele cataus says:

biatch!! i need that koenigsegg ><

Abhishek Mukherjee says:

where do you get these fucking awesome cars from??? damnnn!!!!

Jennifer Maciel says:

koenigsegg ccr evolution sucks the carrera gt it is cool R.I.P PAUL WALKER

Mr Dee says:

And that Koenigsegg isn't even is the Agera R.

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