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We were lucky enough to have the new 2019 Porsche GT2RS and GT3RS in our shop this week. We decided it would be fun to do a comparison between them to see what the differences were…you decide which would you rather have?


Protective Film Solutions says:

Comment how many times Danny says the wrong engine throughout the whole video…

cleva edwards says:

is that Marcus' gt2rs


They never made the 3rs in 2018

christeen coombs says:

marcas dobre has that car

Thomas Quint says:

Only two porsches. I prefer the 720S!!!

Samir Ahmetaj says:

What is name the Music

Abdul Qadir says:

6:21 the GT3RS a straight 6? or a flat 6?

SLW BMW says:

They are both flat six engines one it twin turbo and one isn’t***

Ma be says:

Gave up @ 5:47 waiting for the video to get somewhere.

Fotosynthesis858 says:

You could basically “Eenie, meenie, mynie, mo” it & you’d still end up with an amazing car lol. Looks wise I like the GT3. But the GT2 is faster so… yeah.

Jared Lumbert says:

He said “portch” 😂😂😂

Leo Reyes says:

omg this guy bored me ! i change the channel ! he repeats himsef so many times and gets off subject

Peter Stevens says:

Kia Ora from Auckland, New Zealand…

Graysocks13 says:

Porsche not porch

john gratkowski says:

You think you would do a bit homework before reviewing the cars🤔

max salsman says:

The 3 looks better, almost no one uses the extra speed.

whycantibefree says:

Here I thought the only difference was 1.

Beach Boy says:

For German cars, Nurburgring is important, other manufacturers it is not important.
Porsche doesn’t run a F1 team, not can it.

carlos correia says:

Svj cant win gr2 rs in drag race and won on nurbgring???

DB Puckett says:

Porsche Carreras are NOT built with in-line 6 or V-6 engines. NEVER! Only the SUVs and Panamera

Amc547 Warlord says:

N ps: the larger air intakes is not to get air to the turbo's as the turbos r not at the front but rather they r to aid with cooling due to the extra heat generated by the bigger combustion from the forced induction. So u were half correct or u chose all the wrong words to explain.

Amc547 Warlord says:

How comes the 'ring' official site as well as other reputable bodies choose not to state the lap times u mentioned while wikipedia n fan clubs n such do? Go check official sources n u will see they state both those cars times as being a little slower, n yes i do mean the '18 models. Plus wen u look at the props beforehand u will see they stripped everything n even made the drivers starve, shit n sweat to save weight while others jus put tires on n even fitted roll bars. Go do ur research first buddy n do it officially for Gawds sake b4 making statements. I love porsche but dont pass false info on

Emmanuel Irizarry says:

I need my V6 straight 6 porsche engine

number63 productions says:

You lost me at "V6" Credibility is really important when you are talking about cars with a fanatical following and at this price point. Do your homework please.

Aleksandr Shmidt says:

6:21 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 straight six huh

asr 01 says:

this guy should STFU and let europeans review those two cars.

Roman Filippov says:

Are we Comparing Jeep 4.0 vs caravan 3.8 🤕 maybe this a kit cars 🚙 😂

Rickmbp says:

I stopped watching about three minutes in when you said they were V-6 engines. Credibility dropped to zero.

Binaya Thapa says:

Straight 6 and a v6 what the f'ing fuck it that. Mis information bruhh

Fradiccus says:

What is this "Why-sack" package they are talking about? I know about the Weissach package, but the Why-sack one? Please, do tell me more about it!

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