RC TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 40 トヨタ ランドクルーザー 40

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Let’s Rock! 好評発売中!

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artwigwa says:

Can you do the darck impact

yayamo to says:


Patrick says:

You call this fun??

Cody Ernst says:


bengdance says:

RC. Pro-am ….!!!

mitch luoma says:

omgomgomg, i want one im a cruiser head i just didnt know they sold these

hager999 says:

@Sander2927 Yes!

arkitec000 says:

If u go to TAMIYA web, u can buy there. I think

miguel Quintanilla says:

este esta chistoso

Lord Humungus says:

who ever made this video will never get layed. hahahaha!!!!

Taylor_Goes _Ham says:

@Tuxedo413 bahahaha

Trololololol says:

Lol, this is sad…

Julian Salgado says:

tenes de esos para la venta?

堀江伸一 says:


RAiAn Al-alamah says:

ههههههههههههههههه الله يرجكممم
قبل مادخل المقطع ع بالي موتر صدز واثره على الرموت كنتروول ههههههه
يالبييه يالربع ض1 ايام

يولآلآ برٍِرٍرٍرٍـ[آآآت

Kevin T says:

these are choice id find a fewe uses for them on the farm after work, im guessing u cant just order 1 from tamiya and throw a gas engine in it?????

TiagoTiago says:

aren't the tires a bit overinflated and the suspension a bit too stiff for crawling?

Nuno Leitao says:

porn movie soundtrack? 😀

xREVENTONx says:


Derek Tran says:

This one is all for show… no shocks only springs lol.

MyFaceHole says:

good vid low ass quality

خالد بن سفران says:

there is no driver is toys not truth

sleepeasydubai says:

lol, so fun.

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