REACHING TOP 10 IN SEVEN RACES!?! MAX Zenvo TS1 (6* Rank 4514) Multiplayer in Asphalt 9

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I test the Zenvo TS1 fully maxed in its multiplayer season! Enjoy 😀

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VeronViper 06 says:

Rank 👏🏻 matching 👏🏻

Hermit Yoshino says:

what?SE gives you 61 bps in total

yashwanth k says:

I need a clan…. Any recommendations?

Justin G says:

4000 for a virtual Jesko, with every 1000 guy purchasing a virtual Jesko, Gameloft can buy 2 Koenigsegg Jesko IN REAL LIFE

avdhesh shakya says:

Is there any negative points in this mp

Muhammad super savage Legendary says:

Nice fuerrm

Sayantan Pal says:

I have to get this car through multiplayer but I don't have the enough blueprint for the Pagani I have only 2 star

Melt down says:

Y hace 5 Stars huarya and 911

Matteo says:

The car is decent

Gone Gaming says:

Wise man : Modern Problems require modern solutions

Me: *clicks buy $99.99 button to get 1
Zenvo Blueprint


My rank 5or6 my ign S® | DHØNI

Edit – my better than yours

Asphalt 89 says:

Rip me I won't be able to win this beast because I am on a vacation for a month.

JoB LoTFi says:

Good review
Bro . I have problems with ads (no more ads ) since 2 weeks ago. How can i fix that ??

Mitsios says:

was suprise that this car is actually good. gg btw. bad game from gl though,that again after senna back to back we will need huge amount of tokens for the cars needed,not all can play the mp cause of free time, and most ppl are "broke"after senna/jesco. i think gl must give a little time to stock up some tokens before release new special event.

BlueChicken Film says:

Truth or dare

If you pick dare:*I dare you to make one of your car pink :P*

If you pick truth:*is it truth that you hate some of Shelby*

PAE_Fiesty Flouride says:

3:41 “And 5 star 911…”
Wait wut🤨

Otherface says:

This is officially the best season ever. Skill + fair competition.

P.d: is strange to see feuerrfilm testing a car who is not purple (ecept nissan cars)

m ranger says:

actually this car is very awful. at max nitro is so bad. car is unstable. not worth guyz.

KA 918 says:

I love that car 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ and your videos 💥💥💥♥️😍😍😍😘😘😎😎😎😎😎

Thomas Lee says:

Hopefully this is easier than the senna event

Pony Sew says:

3:35 5*? HOW!?
5:12 Noooooo!!!!
5:39 Well, nevermind…

Ford B. says:

Wait thats illegal

Abir Mahmud Dipto says:

We'll see that top 10 on the last day :v

Pizza ist Lecker says:


Wall riding

TK 78 says:

Hi, speaking of trade coins. Do you know how the legend store for epic import parts work, or can you make a video about it? Seems when you max a car to golden status, these epic import parts will not be offered anymore in the store after that. At least what I saw so far. Do you unlock higher level parts for other cars then? In the past for example I saw sometimes epic import parts for the Evo, but not anymore since a long time. Wonder if those are complete ruled out, or only appear after certain other cars are maxed?

Rnzzo says:

I think there should be a mp season when cars have unlimited fuel

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