RedEye Hellcat Vs BMW M5 F90 $2,400 Street Race

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Documenting real street racing from the 818/Southern California area for educational purposes.

818 rudy (no longer 818 racing)
818 racing bmw m5


compton speedway

$2,400 up for grabs

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street racing 2019


Mateo Garcia says:

From what I’ve heard/seen online before you can use launch control you have to hold it at a certain RPM before launching. The M5 is AWD and at the very least should’ve outlaunched the hellcat. Something seems strange here

CK_32 says:

All these “ballers” no bitches 😂😂

-GURU- says:

Redeye was late

Jevin Chilla says:

“Compton Speedway”💀

Marcus J says:

Should’ve been a tie honestly(dude didn’t launch correctly). Which is saying a lot cause the m5 has 200 less hp. Imma always go with the m5

Moses JR says:

Hector hates the camera on him🤣

Amos Jr. says:

Why Rudy not 818 nomore?

Delta 0 says:

Put your penis pump down when attempting to shift……

User says:

Clearly no one here has seen the fast and the furious.
Toreto said it him self.. 'winning is winning.

kunstwerk fusion says:

No way the M5 can beat a hellcat actually I was hoping a bigger lead win on the hellcat the hellcat driver needs some better skills

brennan sulton says:


Hellraiser 707 says:

Watch "Hellcat VS ZL1" on YouTube

Saraimz M says:

Fake BS , the M5 competition beats the dodge demon .

Kliffy77 says:

The Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye is powered by a Supercharged HEMI

zack mendez says:

Who's the artist who made the best at the end, like cant find the beat "dream of day" on YouTube, I need the link bro

sebastijan saciri says:


Tu Papi says:

M5 base or m5 competition package?

Dylan Orris says:

I hope mr country gets paid for his fine service each night! Lmao 🤣 he got that flick of the wrist !

Gman k says:

Either way good race and a rematch is in order

Clous von says:

Well when one fcks up a launch and one has prepped the surface , yea that's hot it goes

MrDjvas says:

Buy the m5 once it depreciates and then do a quick tune, intake etc and come back and beat challenger with a MUCH BETTER LAUNCH. And still be riding in comfort. Luxury and all. But that's just me

The Bellco says:

RedEye Hellcat – 797+ HP
BMW M5 F90 – 617+HP

Why would anyone in their right mind bet on the M5?

roro says:

Wack , slow f90 compared to Others

Chevy BOA says:

Lol @ “Tails/ He won” 0:12

Rasty Walker says:

This is not M5 Comp, This is a Normal M5

RedEye, 6.2L V8 797hp 0-60mph 3.4s 10.8 Quarter Mile

M5 4.4L V8 600hp 0-60mph 3.1 Quarter Mile 10.9s

But M5 Competition 4.4L V8 617hp
0-60mph 2.8s Quarter Mile 10.24s @ 136mph

Small Engine, Low hp and Torque Than Redeye, and so Fast Than Redeye

M5 Comp Killed And Killing All Car on Earth💪🏻

John says:

Damn he won then he lost lol bad luck

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