Regular Car Reviews: 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX

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Subaru WRX: The official car of “Bros Night Out.” A turbocharged flat-banger vehicle for Going Ugly Early and knowing full-well that next year is going to be your Super-Senior year.

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the apple to your adam says:

I don't think he said a single thing about the drive of the car. These videos fucking suck

In The Bubble says:

everytime I feel depressed I watch the first bit and my day is all well.

Inverted V12 Powerhouse says:

Its true the subie community has pissing contests about who can get the specs and namings right… I mostly notice that in the american community though? I see less in the french canadian/ Ontario community and I havent noticed much in the australian community either.

Inverted V12 Powerhouse says:

Blob eye ftw

JackstandJohnny says:

I own a 2002 WRX bugeye. While absolutely not one single state,ent about bugeye owners applies to me, I still had a good laugh. VAPE NATION!

JackstandJohnny says:

Not a 2.2l!!! Its a 2 liter. So unless He punched out His EJ205, you wrong BRRRROTHA.

Stephan Weber says:

This is still my favorite video on Youtube.

Avery Cooper says:

Why does everybody get the motor wrong on the bugeye? EJ205 , 2.0L

PHILMKD1995 says:

I wouldn't be surprised if the design team for the Subaru WRX got the wierd bug eyed headlights idea from the Dodge Neon SRT-4, they both look oddly familiar in headlight design.

SRT Viper 51 says:


Bendegúz Paulovits says:

Did Jalopnik actually ran this one?


A zig-zag tetris block when all you need is the line is so on point!!!!!

pbfloyd13 says:

I understand @ 3:45?

Alex_the_Subarist says:

Subaru Impossibruu!

slowcus ST says:

But it's not a 2.2L…

Horatio Huffnagel says:

Dude should've washed it before this. It would look way better than the salt bath it has now.

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