Saleen S7

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Brian spots an awesome Lizstick Red Saleen S7 with tan interior. The owner opened the rear bonnet so we could see the engine. Awesome/rare car, hope you like the video…the sun was very bright so there was a little lens flare.

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MrJakoby09 says:

All this horse power and no room to gallop

hondal22 says:

@112namrepus yes

dinobrown100 says:

Gt40 over the s7 wtf r u smoking son.gt40 has got to b the biggest flop and the ugliest piece of shit they ever came out with.

Will Mac says:


Ricky Rock says:

for 1 second i tho i was looking at McLaren F1, anyway this car cost about us $180,000.00 kinda cheap but i rather buy a FORD GT40

chansingh833 says:

styling cues taken heavily from the mclaren f1 NO DOUBT!

Martin Dworak-Larsen says:

Saleen S7s and especially Rs are sexy cars/ Race cars

dirtychic00 says:

how much cost this beauty?

VDuper Music says:

this bitch is sexy fast and oooh damn i would sell my blood to own one of these thumps up if u agree but don't sell your blood for real LOL

1aceves says:

@MrMiguelSR1 They're only making the Saleen Mustang, but not S7 supercars anymore.

Farrad Mohammed says:

u have a pic of the newer ones?

reverseperistalsis says:

the first generations were much more cooler to me than the newer ones, it looked so much like a snake and it was such a brute.

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