Saleen S7 Competition AWD Twin Turbo Total Race – Coming Soon

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FerrariDMC says:

+aוτimgamг wrong..

Harris Pj says:

This vid looked pretty promising but sadly this car turned out to be a failure.

elkina20 says:

It's an early 2000s car it's old

Carbz says:

Looks like a replica chassis 

Dawid says:

I saw it today with 2 Gtr`s in Białystok 🙂

Frank Garcia says:

hope still running the for engine in it…

Mr paint says:

hope I see challenges  instead of breaking down    

GPSpec says:

That car is quite over the top…

zacspeedls7 says:

If you guys want a neato' crazy HP motor fix.. Look up Mike Moran's new ALL Billet hemi TT deal that makes north of 4khp on methanol. Or any thing from Sonny Leonard of Fulton racing engines. All builders with actual race wins and reliability.

zacspeedls7 says:

The bar is set fellas.. All I see are a bunch short videos with no real WOW factor for 2200awhp. I've seen 700hp gtrs launch harder.

OGSwagKillaP BeAstMoDe69 says:

oh yes it will. 2200whp (2600hp) pro mod 10.5l engine powered saleen s7 (with its low drag coefficient and slippery body) will make good competition 4 that 2100+whp ford gt. cant w8 2 see this beast run flat out on the mile.

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