Saleen S7 Rev

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Brian records an awesome Saleen S7 reving it’s engine!

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Meat says:

twin turbo or not, this is still a good car. at least it's not a prius.

Meat says:

0-60 in what, 14 seconds?

Craig Robinson says:

this is the 500hp one, the twin turbo model is better

TheSteezyNugget says:

Damn what is that like 5 mpg

Calvin Wagner says:

Dude my 13 horse lawnmower would beat that

Billposter says:

thesoundinyourheadgetsspeedup. the. sound. in. your. head. gets. sowed. down.
THE SOUND IN YOUR HEAD GETS LOUDER!! The sound in your head is normal


ccitrus says:

@celciuszero Real and Real cars , 1971 they had 2.0L V8 that produced 1500hp
thats an engine,

Amerikai says:

I heard one of these roar down my street and they are a lot louder in person!

Jack Stephan says:

@gtaspecialist900 v4? lol

Frank Bennett says:

@j0hnnyw987 you do know the difference between km/mi right?

j0hnnyw987 says:

are you guys all dumb? ttravman is right a stock honda will hit 210 easily. you faggots need to get your car facts straight before you try to call other people dumb. this saleen is slow as shit. my turbo b16 civic hatch will shit on this thing all day log

gkwas says:

@celciuszero you are obviously brain retarded but … hmmm no one has a cure for that. so cure your legs as it is too late for your brain.
mustang can be eaten by silly civic or hmm anything with 3 wheels during cornering. Besides hp and your nose you don't see anything.

Legkicker02 says:


Looks like somebody forgot to use google =/

gkwas says:

@celciuszero mustang is also a piece of shit. shit with the suspension from horse-driven cab

cofferson says:

@celciuszero He ment max out at 210 rpms. Lol!

JH says:

@travman0610 your stock honda civic will hit 210? you realize most super cars can't even hit that number. Ferarri's, lamborghini's, etc. they'll fall short of just 200mph even.

Angel Garcia says:

stock honda prelude beating an ss? topping at 155 on a stock 2.2L? are you high?

MrKawalabear says:

@tommyb888 I have a 3 second subaru legacy wagon. Suck on that! Lets race

califaern3sto says:

@celciuszero theres too many mustangs out there, i prefer the camaro and chevy altogether

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