Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Revving, Short Acceleration

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DtRockstar1 records a 750 horsepower Saleen S7 Twin Turbo revving very loudly and doing a quick acceleration. The owner was very kind, and he was laughing afterwards because he said he could see my hair flying around from the exhaust!

This was seen at the Marques d’elegance, held at the Paletta Mansion.

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Lucas Martínez Parra says:

Hey-ho, Silver! Away!

Basik says:

I’m buying one in white

RobikV3 says:

S7 TT and Mclaren F1 my two all time favourite Hypercars

xAngel 97 says:

All of these Supercars use ford based engines happily

Freddie the Eliminator says:

Sounds like a Ford GT.

RXTH says:

fkn gorgeous

unknowndevil420 says:

God damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…. It's like the devil screaming

dragonfirechimeravids says:

The venom is technically a very powerfully modified lotus.Plus the agera r and the Veyron ss still beat the venom . I still would however still like the s7 more, it has bootspace and luxury interior.

USMCSwagg2 says:

The hennessey venom gt replaced this. The venom will blow any european car. And im not a hater its just fact

Cartman22100 says:

wow, awesome car !! they are extremly rare here in Europe ! i saw a yellow S7 in Switzerland, a couple years ago.

Luis Hidalgo says:

Esta de agencia ese auto

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